More than 1,000 expected at free coronavirus testing at the Nutter Center today



More than a thousand people are expected to take advantage of free pop-up coronavirus testing at Wright State University’s Nutter Center today, according to public health officials.

Testing is available until 4 p.m. today and is open to children and adults, as well as non-Greene County residents.

It’s a good way to do additional testing and make sure that we’re bringing that testing out to the public,” said Noah Stuby, deputy health commissioner for Greene County Public Health. “We want to make sure those opportunities are there for those citizens to get tested.”

The Ohio National Guard is providing the testing, with public health and other health workers assisting at the site.

There is a drive-thru and walk-thru option for those interested in being tested.

“We have a drive-thru and that’s for people who are symptomatic and who have motor needs and are disabled,” Stuby said. “If there’s pets in the car or children and if you don’t have the ability to stand for a long period of time then you use the drive-thru line.”

Those who can stand for longer periods were being encouraged to use the walk-thru line.

After some reports indicate people at testing sites who were not tested later but were contacted and told they were positive for the virus, health officials were taking preventative steps today to prevent that from happening in Greene County.

“We have infrastructure in place to ensure that we’re doing everything that we can to make sure that doesn’t happen here,” Stuby said. “We have a dedicated IT person here. The process that we use has lab slips and checks and balances.”

Testing results should be available within two to seven days.

Stuby noted that the event was going smoothly around noon.

“I think that’s a real testament to the staff and everyone who’s helped to put this on,” he said.

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