Greater Dayton RTA announces new Chief Executive Officer

The Greater Dayton RTA has announced a new Chief Executive Officer. Bob Ruzinsky, currently the Greater Dayton RTA’s deputy CEO, will assume the new position on April 1, a release from the RTA stated.

Ruzinsky began working with the RTA in Sept. 1987 in the company’s accounting group. He has since worked as an accounting supervisor, human resources manager, controller and capital controller.

He currently oversees the company’s day-to-day department functions, including operations, finances and customer and business development. In 2002, Ruzinsky joined the Butler County RTA as their chief financial officer. He returned to the Dayton RTA in 2009.

“The Board of Trustees is confident in the experience, skills, and temperament Bob Ruzinsky brings to the office of CEO,” said RTA Board President Dave Williamson. “The Board has had the opportunity to observe Ruzinsky on the job as Deputy CEO during tumultuous and challenging times. He has shown he knows the workings of RTA inside and out, and has proved to be an excellent communicator and problem solver. Bob is the right fit at this time to carry on the fine reputation of the RTA in the community.”

In 2013, Ruzinsky was promoted to be RTA’s first chief capital officer, where he led a team to oversee the management of the agency’s capital assets. Under his guidance, RTA replaced its entire bus fleet, renovated its facilities, and started the rebuild of its extensive electric-bus power-system infrastructure, the release said.

The projects were partially funded by grants that Ruzinsky helped to obtain for the RTA. In 2019, the Ohio Public Transit Association recognized Ruzinsky’s accomplishments with the Leonard Ronis Award, naming him the Transit Professional of the Year in Ohio.

“Ruzinsky is a dynamic leader with a demonstrated track record of achievement in our industry. His established relationships and reputation at the state and federal level have made RTA the envy of its peers in gaining much needed capital funds over the past decade,” Current CEO Mark Donaghy said. “With a passion for excellence, Ruzinsky will deliver best-in-class results for our customers, stakeholders and employees. I have a great sense of comfort and confidence in RTA’s future as a result of the board’s selection.”

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