New apartment project near UD changes, gets bigger footprint

A large proposed apartment project near the University of Dayton is getting a bigger footprint, and the developer and city planning staff say the new plans are greatly improved.

The developer of “The Flight” apartment project on the old Patterson-Kennedy school property near Wyoming and Brown streets has acquired additional property that will help add more apartments, parking and a new third building.

But the acquisition will help spread out the housing, reducing the project’s density.

“A lot of the delay has just been getting the American Legion engaged so we could expand the amount of acreage we have so we can spread things out and deliver a much improved plan over what we submitted about a year ago,” said Robert Fiorita, developer and managing member of New Village Communities.

This week, the Dayton City Plan Board approved a general development plan for property at 605 Alberta St. and 31 Chambers St.

Owner RE NVC Dayton II LLC proposes to construct two phases of housing across 4.4 acres of property. New Village Communities is the LLC’s parent company.

The first stage will create 143 residential units in a five-story building at the southwest corner of Alberta and Wyoming streets, according to a City Plan Board report. The property is east of the Taco Bell.

In the original plans, the first phase would have created 119 units, and overall, 3.3 acres were targeted for redevelopment.

The plan board approved the original plans for The Flight in November 2019.

The second phase now will create 97 apartments spread across two new buildings. Combined, the three structures will contain 240 units and 612 beds.

The developer’s original general development plan called for 20 fewer beds.

But the plans were revised after the developer says it acquired the American Legion property along Obell Court.

The phase 2 buildings will be five stories (49 units) and three stories (48 units).

The larger structure will be behind Taco Bell. The smaller one will be erected on the American Legion site.

City planning documents say the revised project will reduce density: The number of beds will decrease to about 139 per acre, down from about 179.

In the first phase, Fiorita says they also plan to build surface parking lots along Wyoming Street and on the American Legion property, offering 168 spaces.

The surface parking would go away in phase two and be replaced by a five-story parking garage (408 spaces), as well as the pair of new apartment structures.

“The bed count is up very slightly,” said Tony Kroeger, Dayton’s planning manager. “Larger area footprint, lower density, and even the parking ratio per occupant has now increased.”

The revised plans have additional open space, a more finished look and create more of a setback between the surface parking, Kroeger said.

The plan calls for street trees along the rights of way, new sidewalks, new on-street parking and other improvements.

“Even if there were only a phase 1 ― and that’s certainly not anticipated ... you are going to have a finished-looking building,” Kroeger said.

The developer changed the Flight’s design plans multiple times after appearing before the City Plan Board and receiving feedback.

Fiorita said the new plans spread out the buildings, which should help avoid traffic problems.

“Part of the reason this plan has much improved is because of the input (city staff) has given us,” Fiorita said.

Fiorita in the past estimated the first phase of development would cost about $35 million.

He previously described the new housing as luxury apartments that are fully furnished.

Amenities are expected to include a pool, rooftop terrace, courtyards, a clubhouse, fitness center, Wifi cafe and a study room.

The units are expected to be marketed to UD students, Miami Valley Hospital staff and others.

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