BILLIE GOLD BUBBLE TEA: Refreshing flavors, vibrant colors and popping boba make this food truck a Dayton favorite

Not all food trucks are the same.

Nicole Cornett serves up bubble tea from her vehicle, a drink made with a fruit or milk tea base that comes in a variety of flavors.

Resting at the bottom of each drink is the fun part – boba.

Boba are the tapioca pearls or flavored jellies that burst with extra flavor when sucked through an extra wide straw.

This week we feature Billie Gold Bubble Tea in our food truck spotlight to help the community get to know the stories behind some of Dayton's most beloved food trucks.

Name: Billie Gold Bubble Tea

When did the business begin? October 2018

What is your signature dish and why is it special?

We have a few signature drinks but our most popular drinks by popular demand are Gold Coast, a strawberry black tea with popping passion fruit boba and Gold Star, a pineapple coconut yum yum drink with mango jellies.

Who is the owner?

Nicole Cornett previously/currently part time hairapist also know as a hair stylist 😉

What is the inspiration behind the name Billie Gold Bubble Tea?

We have three sons and if we had a girl we probably would have named her Billie Gold, but we got a good truck instead so here she is — Billie Gold. It’s so fun it gives her a persona, she gets to go awesome places, meet incredible people, and donate and raise money for so many organizations!

What’s the make and model and age of your vehicle?

It’s an old 1995 Chevy mini school bus!

Best thing about operating a food truck?

Oh man! So many things! For sure the fun, the people, and the fresh air!!!!


Hardest thing about operating a food truck?

Working in such a small space, there is only so much space on the truck to store things and there is no back storage room or a walk in cooler, so we have to get creative with storage and tap into our psychic abilities to try and predict how many gallons of tea or how much boba we will need for each event.

Also the heat, especially now wearing masks. The lack of bathrooms, we will be dying of heat wanting to just chug water and then we realize 1. We are not getting a bathroom break because this line isn’t going to let up 2. There is no bathroom, especially now with doing these events where we pop up in neighborhoods, We can’t just knock on someone’s door and ask to use the restroom. Hahahahaha 😂😂

Food truck or personal motto?

“Those who have no expectations will never be disappointed.” This for life and for food trucking. Once I started applying this to my life and to food truck events I felt more free and happy. When you get to an event and it’s super busy, it’s a pleasant surprise! Especially because there are different factors that go into how an event will turn out and weather is one of them and well we live in Ohio... so you can’t have any expectations for the weather will be.

Do you have gluten free / vegetarian / vegan options?

Yes everything is gluten free and vegan. We only use milk alternatives of coconut and almond milk in our milk teas.

Best way for people to find you / contact you?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We never go out without people knowing where we are unless it's a private event.

Can organizations or neighborhoods hire you?

Yes!! Please! Especially this year!! Everything on our calendar fell apart this year. All festivals, fairs, farmers markets, anything we had on our calendar got canceled so our calendar has lots of availability this season!

Details and cost?

If the event is open to the public there is no cost, just send us an email, and if it works with our schedule we are willing to try anything once!

Please list other dishes on your menu.

Wow! For this question I would just say refer to our menu because it’s huge! We have a handful of signature drinks and then we have an entire build your own bubble tea and because you can mix and match so many flavors and bobas with the teas or lemonade you can come to us for years and never drink the same drink twice. But usually people get a favorite and stick with that.

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