Brown water? Huber Heights residents should know these tips

Huber Heights city officials are conducting a study of the water filters at the city’s treatment plant for much of June, meaning residents could see discolored or brown water in coming days.

The study — which comes as city officials work to add water softening to the city’s treatment process — will begin Monday and will last through June 18, according to the city.

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“During this study, there will be higher flows produced in the water system,” city officials said in a news release. “This may cause an increased flow through water mains, which dislodges iron deposits. Though discolored water may look and taste unpleasant, it is not generally a health concern.”

According to the city, iron in water “is not a sign of harmful bacteria or lead, which are hazards.”

Still, the city hazards residents against doing laundry until water is clear. If laundry has already started, the city recommends not drying the clothing “until the disturbance is over,” and then re-washing the items with clear water before drying.

“Most importantly, if you experience a rust color in your water, first make sure your hot water faucet is off and run the cold water for at least five minutes to see if it runs clear,” the city said. “If not, please call the water department.”

The water department telephone number is 937-233-3292.

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