Bubby’s Chicken & Waffles in Springfield returning in June with new location

Bubby’s Chicken & Waffles will reopen in a new location after temporarily closing in March due to a gas leak.

Bubby’s unique combination of chicken and waffles was being sold out of the shared kitchen in the lower level of the Bushnell Building in downtown Springfield.

Owner Kareem Crossley said that the gas leak provoked him to start thinking about purchasing a building for his business.

“We had a great experience. We’ve grown a lot,” Crossley said. “It was a great opportunity.”

Crossley added that he is thankful for the experience he gained from using the shared kitchen.

Bubby’s Chicken & Waffles is expecting to open in mid-June at 1305 Lexington Ave. near Speakeasy Ramen.

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“It’s crazy,” Crossley said. “I’ve been in business for only a year and I went from out of the trunk of my car, carrying generators in the back, to going downtown and really building a good foundation and clientele.”

Bubby’s Chicken & Waffles began operating as a food truck last June, but the cold weather prompted him to reach out to the shared kitchen in the winter.

Crossley said he is continuing to move forward with the new building, but currently he is waiting on inspections.

“It’s just all about having patience and knowing everything’s there and we’re going to make things happen,” Crossley said.

The original idea behind Bubby’s Chicken & Waffles sparked in 2015 when he and his friends began making the unique combination on Fountain Avenue. Crossley explained that he always enjoyed the atmosphere that was created.

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The waffles he sells are not regular waffles - they contain Fruity Pebbles.

“It’s rare, it’s different - you don’t see it coming,” Crossley said. “It still brings that funny mystery - it gives it some type of nostalgia.”

Crossley describes his business adventure as “crazy fun” and a “roller coaster,” but he said he knows “you have to crawl before you walk.”

He added that he wanted to apologize for being closed, but promises that the product is coming back.

“The quality and experience will be back better than ever - like it never left,” Crossley said.

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