Dayton gets ‘wild’ props after landing on National Geographic list

Dayton has a lot to brag about — especially when it comes to our green spaces. Now, National Geographic is giving us another reason to boast about our beauty.

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A recent article published by National Geographic listed Dayton at number 7 in a list of the "Ten U.S. Cities that Have the Most Green Spaces." 

The qualifications that landed Dayton on the list were a city in the U.S. with a population of 600,000 or less, had the most parks to their name and that made for a great vacation spot.

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“If you are traveling to a city, why not make sure it’s one that would make it easy to stroll through a park on your way to dinner, or pass by nature as you head to a matinee? ... These urban destinations have everything you’d expect in a city, plus some extra green space to stumble onto as you wander,” the article reads.

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Highlighted in Dayton’s listing was the West Milton Cascades tucked right under downtown West Milton. The falls, along with Dayton’s other green spaces, caught the magazine’s attention for its close proximity to urban attractions around the area.

Other cities that made the list included Madison, Wisconsin; Ventura, California; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Olympia, Washington.

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