Combine a military transport with smoked ribs and pulled pork and you get a ‘hunger assault vehicle’

“Make food not war” is the attitude Scott Green takes when he starts up the Dayton Urban BBQ food truck.

Green, who served in the United States Marine Corp from 2001-2005, is known for smoked ribs, pulled pork and wraps you can barely get your hands around — making the truck a fan favorite.

This week we feature Dayton Urban BBQ in our food truck spotlight to help the community get to know the stories behind some of Dayton's most beloved food trucks.

Name: Dayton Urban BBQ

When did business begin? 2013

What is your signature dish and why is it special? 

“The Boss,” a pulled pork sandwich that is loaded with our coleslaw, is the most popular. My BBQ is different; it is smoked on a direct fire smoker that I designed. The fire pit is located below and the smoke flows directly up through the food. Everything is made from scratch.

Who are the owners? 

Scott Green: I grew up in Dayton/Miamisburg, Ohio. I went to Miamisburg High School and graduated in 1998. From there, I joined the Marines in 2001. I was deployed to Iraq, Hawaii, Okinawa, and Mount Fuji Japan. I trained in many places in the United States. I was in the Marines from 2001-2005 and after the Marines I lived in Bradenton, Fla. for about eight years, and moved back to Ohio. I built Dayton Urban BBQ and started the journey of food truckin’.

Jerika Witt co-founded Dayton Street Eats, a Kettering carryout restaurant, with me and now owns and operates Dayton Urban BBQ as well. She loves the environment that the food truck brings.


What is the inspiration behind the name? 

Dayton Urban BBQ was named by its city in Dayton, Ohio. Urban was put in because food trucks (especially mine) are in the urban environment all the time and BBQ is just what we do. So those three things are what makes our name.

What’s the make and model of your vehicle? 

The truck is a 1989 Ford 7.3 diesel box style truck.

Best thing about operating a food truck? 

I enjoy food truckin’ because of the people I meet and all the cool festivals I go to. My children have traveled to many different places and have seen different versions of fireworks. At the food truck rallies we get to see the overwhelming amount of people that come just to eat from your truck. It is pretty awesome.

Hardest thing about operating a food truck? 

I would say the hardest thing about operating a food truck would be keeping your vehicle maintained and operating while booking places to take it. Keeping the truck operational is an everyday activity. Things break down almost daily and you have to be able to roll with the punches. Booking jobs is like an art. So much trial and error comes into play. You have to find what works for your truck and maintain a good relationship with your followers.

Food truck or personal motto? 

My truck is replicated from an AAV (Assault Amphibious Vehicle) from the Marine Corps. It’s basically a tank that drives in water and land. It also carries troops in the back. “Make food not war” has become something we at Dayton Street Eats have adopted from the truck. It’s a hunger assault vehicle, and we will feed you. Large portions for a fair dollar.

Do you have gluten free/vegetarian/vegan options? 

I learned a long time ago there are many types of eaters, and I wanted to create a menu that was for everyone. We have many options for many different types of eaters. We have one of the best vegetarian wraps and bowls in town, gluten free tacos/bowls and gluten and grain free cakes from Grace and Love Cakes.

What is the best way people can find you/contact you? 

We post what we are doing in Dayton Urban BBQ Facebook page. People can call 937-405-8892 or call Dayton Street Eats at 937-522-0730.

We usually have Dayton Urban BBQ at the Dayton Street Eats parking lot, 5993 Bigger Rd. in Kettering from noon-6 p.m. on Mondays. We smoke ribs and always take pre-orders for them.

Can organizations or neighborhoods hire you? What are the details and the cost? 

We do lots of events for people. Weddings/parties/corporate events/employee appreciation events. The cost usually comes to $13 per person but does vary with what customers want. Call for further details.

Other dishes on your menu. 

“The Hobo” is basically “The Boss” but with pico and cheese added.

Wraps that are mouth-watering like “The Floro” named after a friend of mine from the Marines.

Our “Three Amigos” will change your mind on how tacos can taste.

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