Getting rid of your Christmas tree? Disposal tips offered for Miami Valley.

With the Christmas season coming to an end, residents should know the different ways to dispose of live and artificial trees this year.

Here is a brief listing of county and city instructions for getting rid of Christmas trees. A reminder that tinsel, decorations, and lights must be removed from the tree before disposal.

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Montgomery County: There will be holiday recycling at the Montgomery County Transfer and Recycling Facility through January where residents can drop off their trees.

Dayton: Live trees can be dropped off at Montgomery County Transfer and Recycling Facility or Wagner Ford Landfill.

Centerville: Residents can place their live trees out with their trash to be collected. The trees will be picked up from now until January 23. They will be recycled and made into mulch that will be used for city flower beds.

Kettering: Waste Management will collect Christmas trees from residents homes now until Jan., 15, they must be cut into sections less than 6 feet in length according to their website.

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West Carrollton: From Jan 6 through the 10 will be large trash pick up, residents can place their live trees out during that time.

Moraine: Trash collection will pick trees up that are sitting at the curb for normal collection days. At the end of the holiday season, city Street Team dispose of the trees into a local pond at Deer Meadow Park to provide fish nesting.

Vandalia: Leave with regular trash for pick up or residents can also take their trees to the Vandalia Recreation Center. Donated trees will be ground down into mulch.

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Miami County: Residents can bring their trees in for free disposal after the holidays.

Clark County: During normal operating hours, residents can bring their live trees into the Solid Waste District and dispose of their trees there. The county sends the trees off to be ground into mulch.

Greene County: Residents are able to drop their live trees off at the environmental services during normal business hours. The facility will be closed on New Year's Day. The trees will be ground up and made into mulch.

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