Prairie the eaglet on the mend after showing signs of health problems

The sight of a family of bald eagles is now familiar to most people who regularly visit Carillon Historical Park, but one member will be missing for a few more days after showing signs of possible health problems.

Prairie, one of the eaglets born to Orv and Willa this spring, was found on the ground in the eagle’s territory Thursday morning.

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Jim Weller, an eagle expert with the park, told News Center 7’s Molly Koweek the bird was showing signs of odd behavior, but he was more concerned about potential for the bird to be prone to diseases while being grounded.

“The problem with an eagle on the ground is that it’s subject to parasites and other issues,” he said.

Weller said he called wildlife officials about the eaglet. They came and caught Prairie, then took him to the Glen Helen Raptor Center in Yellow Springs for evaluation. Ever since, his parents have been scanning from the skies for any sign of him.

“They don’t really know what happened to him and they’re circling,” said Anna Shiverdecker, a local eagle watcher. “They’ve usually been in their spots and now they’re out and about, looking for him.”

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Weller said it appears Prairie may have some developmental issues, which led to it being found on the ground.

“The biggest problem seems to be that it’s just not as muscularly ready to fly as it should be at this age,” he said.

Prairie is still being held for observation and rehabilitation and is doing well, according to officials from the raptor center. Weller said he hopes the eaglet will be able to be reunited with his family by next week.

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