Several area pharmacies don’t have high dose flu vaccine

Several pharmacy chains don’t have the high-dose flu vaccine due to shipping delays.

The high-dose flu vaccine is only for adults 65 and older, though the CDC does not recommend one flu vaccine over another.

The high-dose vaccine is somewhat more effective in this population, with the incidence of flu and flu hospitalizations reduced 10 to 25 percent, compared to the normal dose.

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However, the flu season is starting and it takes a couple weeks for the vaccine to become effective, so you should not wait if you can’t find the high-dose vaccine.

Due to a manufacturer delay of the high dose flu vaccine this season, a CVS Pharmacy spokesman said some locations have a limited supply.

“We are working with suppliers to get additional doses of senior dose vaccine to our stores as soon as possible,” the company stated.

Patients ages 65 and over who are looking for the high dose flu vaccine are encouraged to call their local pharmacy in advance to confirm availability, CVS stated, adding that the standard flu vaccine is widely available across all of its pharmacies.

Walgreens stated the pharmacy has a sufficient supply of the standard flu vaccine to meet current demand.

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“Due to shipping delays from select manufacturers of flu vaccines for patients 65 years of age and older, we are advising patients to speak to their pharmacist about receiving a quadrivalent (standard) vaccine as an alternative option,” Walgreens stated.

Walgreens stated company officials expect additional supply of flu vaccines for patients 65 and older to be available later this month.

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