Someone throwing rocks at cars along busy highway, police say

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Rocks Being Thrown At Cars Along Busy Highway, Police Say

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Authorities are investigating a dangerous crime for drivers on a busy local highway.

Paulding County deputies said someone has been throwing rocks onto cars, shattering windshields, and even injuring one woman.

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Deputies said they will begin intensely patrolling Villa Rica Highway in Dallas after vandals threw rocks at passing cars last week.

Pictures show several vehicles with shattered windshields damaged by someone throwing rocks.

Authorities said a woman suffered cuts to her face when a rock smashed through her windshield while she and her child were inside the car.

"On one of the victims, glass shards actually shot through the windshield and struck one of the victims in the face," Paulding County Sheriff Sgt. Ashley Henson said.

Deputies said she easily could have crashed.

“If you throw a rock at somebody and it startles them enough to snatch the wheel, they could run off the road, hit a telephone pole, a tree, another vehicle or God-forbid, a child who's waiting for the bus," Henson said.

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