5 things you need to know about Good Samaritan Hospital’s final days

Questions about Good Samaritan Hospital’s final days remain, even after its emergency department permanently shut down at noon today. Here are five things to know about the hospital’s closure.

1) Good Samaritan Hospital will continue to treat patients until Monday

Although the ER is closed, Good Sam is not transferring any patients at the hospital because it will continue to operate until 12:01 a.m. Monday. The hospital would have continued to treat patients waiting in the emergency department lobby when it closed at noon, but there weren’t any, according to Good Samaritan.

2) The hospital will provide information on other emergency rooms and urgent cares

Nonclinical staff will greet anyone who arrives in the main lobby, which is the only entrance that is still open as of this afternoon. Good Sam will continue to provide care as long as the hospital remains open, but also will provide a list of nearby emergency departments and urgent cares, according to the hospital.

3) The closure will not be affected by a civil rights investigation by the Department of Justice

There is no change in the timeline for the closure of the hospital, according to Good Sam. The demolition process is expected to take at least a year and is unrelated to the timeline for the hospital’s closure.

4) Good Sam does not expect to transfer a lot of patients 

The hospital expects to transfer a few, if any, patients remaining at Good Samaritan, according to the hospital. Patients who need to be transferred will be moved before 12:01 a.m. Monday via ambulance.

5) Elective procedures have moved to other sites

Elective procedures have already been shifted to other Premier Health locations, according to Good Sam, and emergency care ceased as of noon today.

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