Trotwood establishes disaster relief fund, gets $10K donation

The new Trotwood Disaster Relief Fund unveiled Tuesday is designed to help keep residents in the city after the Memorial Day tornado.

The Trotwood Disaster Relief Fund received its first corporate donation of $10,000 from African Pride.

The donation is the kickoff of the fund-raising efforts.

“We are the official city of Trotwood relief effort and donation center,” said Mayor Mary McDonald.

Residents who would like to receive a voucher worth up to $1,000 to purchase items for their new living space must go through an application process.

Leaders realized there will be a need for essentials when residents move into new homes or apartments, or rebuild homes. The voucher would supply residents with items beyond their basic needs, items that could include couches, chairs, pots and pans.

“This will help fill in the gaps to help them move back into the community or continue to stay in the community,” said Jeff Rezabek, former state representative and relief fund chair.

Before a resident’s application can be processed, the person must engage with federal and state emergency management programs. Proof of prospective residency is required.

“We want to have all those that have been displaced, to come back to a better and brighter future here in Trotwood,” Rezabek said.

The applicants will have to give details on what they have done for their own relief efforts and the committee will decide how much each resident will receive from the fund. The committee gave itself the nickname “Trotwood First.”

The city has partnered with local apartment complexes and groups to keep people in the city. City leaders are still working to partner with developers to bring some type of housing project to the Old Salem Mall area.

“We want to help people stay in the city of Trotwood and grow the city,” McDonald said.

McDonald said more fund-raising was needed “before we start accepting applications.”

McDonald and Rezabek were presented the check last weekend at the Gospel Superfest held at the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center.

African Pride is part of the Strength of Nature hair product company based in Savannah, Georgia. African Pride sponsored Gospel Superfest. Some in attendance at Gospel Superfest donated to the relief fund.

Other donations to the relief fund include House of Wheat Funeral Home, New Fellowship Baptist Church and Walmart.

The fund is administered through the Cartwright Family Foundation, which is a 501c3 foundation that allows federal tax exemption of nonprofit organization, specifically those that are considered public charities, private foundations or private operating foundations. City dollars will not be put into this fund.

Contact city officials at 937-837-7771 for more information about the fund and the application process.


Any branch of Fifth Third Bank.

Send contributions to Trotwood Government Center, 3035 Olive Road, 45426, c/o Jeff Rezabek, chair.

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