Winter storm: Troopers urge drivers to follow ‘move over’ law

As the region experiences the latest blast of winter weather, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are urging drivers to remember and follow the ‘move over’ law or risk a citation.

“When you’re behind that wheel that should be your focus, focus on driving,” said Lt. Mark Nichols with the OSP Dayton post.

According to Ohio law, “If the driver of the motor vehicle is traveling on a highway that consists of at least two lanes that carry traffic in the same direction of travel as that of the driver's motor vehicle, the driver shall proceed with due caution and, if possible and with due regard to the road, weather, and traffic conditions, shall change lanes into a lane that is not adjacent to that of the stationary public safety vehicle, emergency vehicle, road service vehicle.”

The law also addresses situations where a driver is unable to change lanes.

“If the driver is traveling on a highway of that type but it is not possible to change lanes or if to do so would be unsafe, the driver shall proceed with due caution, reduce the speed of the motor vehicle, and maintain a safe speed for the road, weather, and traffic conditions.”

Nichols said troopers will issue citations if drivers are found in violation of the law.  The citation would be a misdemeanor.

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