District puts brakes on food delivery during school hours

If mom or dad forget to pack a lunch and the cafeteria food is, well, cafeteria food, what is a student to do?

Until recently, some were getting food from an app like DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub, The Detroit Free Press reported.

But no longer.

The principal at West Bloomfield High School said there were dozens of deliveries each day.

"It was getting to the point where you'd have eight, 10, 15 deliveries a day. It's building policy. You can't have food delivered during the school day," Pat Watson told the Free Press.

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He reminded students that the school didn't allow food deliveries in a way he could make sure they'd see it -- by text message, the paper reported.

Some schools have put the brakes on delivery because of safety.

"Having strangers and people that we don't know coming to our buildings with delivery bags, we just don't allow it," Diane Blain, a spokeswoman for Chippewa Valley Schools told the newspaper.

But it isn’t just high school students taking advantage of food delivery.

Elementary school students are also getting in on the game, and it is sometimes the parents who are facilitating it.

"The parents will call and say 'My kid's lunch is at noon, can you deliver a pizza to the office and maybe throw in a bottle of water?'," Jeff Hueter told the Free Press. Hueter is an assistant manager of Jet's Pizza in West Bloomfield Township in Michigan. Parents pay with either a credit card or though the business' app.

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Hueter said teachers also order a pizza on occasion.

Schools outside of Michigan are also curbing deliveries. Two schools in the Red Clay Consolidated School District in Delaware have stopped deliveries, WTXF reported.

The district also said no to parents bringing their kids lunch during the school day, WTXF reported.

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