Lot of latte: California coffee shop to sell $75 cup of coffee

This should create quite a buzz -- a California coffee house is selling a $75 cup of coffee.

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Klatch Coffee Roasters, which has a location in San Francisco and several in Southern California, is selling the world's most expensive cup of coffee, offering the Elida Natural Geisha 803, which costs $803 a pound wholesale and $1,200 after roasting it, KGO reported.

"It's a unique coffee that comes from Panama," co-owner Bo Thiara told KGO.

Klatch Coffee Roasters bought 10 pounds out of 100 available at an auction open to buyers across the world. It's the only coffee house in North America with the exclusive bean.

The rare variety of Arabica bean originated in Ethiopia. It is described as having floral, tea-like notes and fruit flavors. Natural refers to the processing of the bean with fruits to give the fruit flavors.

"It's the Oscars for coffee," Thiara told KGO. "Just like wine, on a scale of up to 100, this coffee got the highest rating ever."

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