Proposal in San Francisco would ban free cafeterias to encourage workers to eat out

Two restaurant supervisors in San Francisco introduced new legislation Tuesday to prohibit new office buildings from offering free lunch.

Ryan Corridor, a local restaurant owner, told KPIX that they can't compete against big tech campuses and workplaces that offer employee-provided lunch.

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"We see it in our business," Corridor said. "We see thousands of employees in a block radius that don't go out to lunch and don't go out in support of restaurants every day -- it's because they don't have to."

The proposal would amend some city zoning and public health codes.

If this proposal were to pass, it would only affect new building construction -- not big tech companies already in San Francisco, like Facebook, Google and Twitter, KRON reports.

Advocates of the proposal told KRON that banning free workplace cafeterias would help "support small business" and "add to the cultural vibrancy of the city."

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