Whoahh Vicky, white Instagram star who claims to be black, arrested

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Instagram Star Woah Vicky Arrested

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

When teenagers get in trouble at the mall, it’s usually over something silly. But 17-year-old Victoria Waldrip is not a regular teenager. She’s a popular Instagram star.

According to Greensboro police spokeswoman Susan Danielson, Waldrip was arrested Saturday at the Four Seasons Town Centre in Greensboro, North Carolina, on charges of physically assaulting an officer and trespassing.

There were also several reports of an active shooter in the area that caused "mass panic," Danielson said. According to The Blast, the reports were false.

Waldrip goes by "WoahVicky" on Instagram, where she has 1.4 million followers. The teen claims she is black, but she is not.

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Marissa Ellenby, a spokeswoman for the group that manages the mall, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Wednesday that she wouldn't comment on what led to mall security calling the cops to get Waldrip removed.

The police report indicates that Waldrip kicked an officer.

Whatever led to the arrest, there’s a video on Waldrip’s Instagram account of her being slammed to the ground by Greensboro police at the mall and another of them walking her away that shows cops forcefully putting another person on the ground.

Danielson said Waldrip was the only person arrested during the incident.

Purposefully or not, Waldrip often stirs emotions online.

In a 56-second video posted to her YouTube channel August, she claims that her Ancestry.com test showed that she is 25 percent black.

The video has 2,000 thumbs up and 14,000 thumbs down, which is emblematic of the response to many of her posts, which some viewers say mock numerous elements of black culture.

“My whole entire life, my mom kept telling me ‘you’re white, you’re white’ and I never believed her because I knew I was black. But July 19, I did some history; I went on Ancestry.com and I found out I’m 25 percent black. And this whole time I knew it: I knew I was a black girl. So I just consider that to be my birthday because it’s just a very exciting holiday for me,” she said in the video.

The arrest report from Saturday lists her as “White.”

In one Instagram post, she is seen throwing up a hand sign used by Bloods gang members. In another post she is seen showing off the words “Zone 6” — the police patrol zone that includes much of Atlanta’s eastside and many of city’s street gangs — written on the inside of her bottom lip.

The address listed on the report for Waldrip is in a majority-white Marietta neighborhood.

Waldrip posted her mugshot with the caption "#freevicky" on her Instagram page.

Danielson said the teen’s bond was $500.

Waldrip posted another video supposedly after she bonded out excited while reuniting with her "uncle," who is black.

“They can’t hold me forever! ... They racist! Black Lives Matter!” the teen yells in the video.

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