5 places that are even MORE beautiful covered in snow

Credit: Chris Stewart

Credit: Chris Stewart

This weekend may (and will hopefully) be the last snow of the year in Dayton.

We know what you're thinking, "We're ready for spring!" 😡

But, instead of letting the cold get you down, why not embrace it? There is also some beauty to be found among the powdery white snow.

Here are five places that are even more beautiful covered in snow.

1. Charleston Falls Preserve, 2535 Ross Road, Tipp City

Between Tipp City and Huber Heights, this park features 216 scenic acres of prairie and forest, but its biggest draw is the unique waterfall known as a “miniature Niagara.” Go on a day a hard freeze hits just after a spell of warm temperatures and you’re sure to see a beautiful cascade of ice across the 37-foot tall rock wall.

2. Cox Arboretum, 6733 Springboro Pike, Miami Twp.

This park is designed to shine when flowers are blooming, but give winter its dues here too.

The magical Tree Tower, constructed from a massive Douglas fir, provides breathtaking, panoramic views of the arboretum grounds and the Miami Valley. The tower is currently under renovation, so you won’t be able to take the 81-step climb right now, but the view of the tower from below is just as striking, especially with snow hanging off the trees surrounding it.

3. Englewood MetroPark, 4361 W National Road, Vandalia

Home to three waterfalls (Martindale, Patty and Oaks), Englewood offers breathtaking views along the green trail loop, which takes you along the Stillwater River.

Martindale Falls features a limestone and shale ridge top that plunges into a wide, rocky undercut ravine, while Patty Falls is a wide, rocky wet-weather waterfall with a side cascade that merrily trickles all year long. Oaks is a smaller waterfall, but all three are neat to see in freezing temperatures.

4. Carriage Hill MetroPark, 7800 Shull Road, Dayton

Once farmland and woodlots, Carriage Hill provides large areas of forest, thickets, meadows and prairies to explore, and it’s especially peaceful in the winter. Old farm machinery, windmills and barns create a quaint but beautiful backdrop on a snowy day.

5. Eastwood MetroPark, 1385 Harshman Road, Dayton

From the scenic lake to the arching stone bridges connecting islands in the Eastwood Lagoon to the wide waterfall feeding into the Mad River, Eastwood has plenty of camera-ready views during winter.

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