Potbellied pigs found wandering on Pennsylvania road

Credit: HG-Fotografie/PIxabay

Credit: HG-Fotografie/PIxabay

This is a story about three pigs, but they are not little. However, these misplaced pigs did have a storybook ending.

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Officials at an animal shelter in Pennsylvania were called to rescue thee potbellied pigs that were wandering down a highway in Schuylkill County, WNEP reported.

After state police found the pigs Wednesday morning, two females were caught and taken to the Ruth Steinert Memorial Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Pine Grove, the television station reported. The third pig, a male, was found Thursday.

"I was surprised because it's not something we typically deal with, so it was kind of a shock. But it's exciting," Taylor Berger, an animal caretaker, told WNEP.

It became even more exciting when veterinarians discovered there will be little pigs after all. Both females are pregnant, the television station reported.

"They are much larger than they should be. You can tell in their bellies," Berger told WNEP. "The one, her belly is dragging on the ground. She could go into labor at any time."

Authorities are not sure where the pigs came from, but they believe they could have been dropped off on the side of the road, the television station reported. There is no indication who owned the pigs.

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