Public Health distributes hundreds of vaccines at Dayton Convention Center

Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County administered coronavirus vaccines Wednesday to approximately 600 area residents 80 and older at its first Phase 1B clinic.

“We’re very excited to be able to keep expanding the number of people who are eligible for the vaccine,” said Dan Suffoletto, spokesman for Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County. “As of right now, we want to let people know that there is a limited supply of the vaccine. And it’s something that we ask people to be patient about, because we don’t control the amount of vaccine that we get. It’s from the federal government to the state and the state spreads it out throughout all the different counties throughout the state of Ohio.”

Suffoletto said to expect information later this week on more vaccination appointments next week when individuals 75 years and older become eligible. He said the availability of appointments depends on how many doses the department is allotted.

Michael Stapleton, 80, of Tipp City, was among the first to get a shot at Public Health’s clinic Wednesday morning.

He said he’s more worried about contracting COVID-19 than getting the shot. He said things “keep getting worse and worse” and shots have never bothered him.

Stapleton’s son Michael signed his dad up for an appointment as soon as he could and brought him to the clinic Wednesday. Michael Stapleton said he feels better now that his dad has had his first vaccination.

The clinic on Wednesday looked different than the clinics held by Public Health previously to vaccinate EMS personnel. Instead of standing or periodically moving stations, vaccine recipients sat in spaced-out chairs in the Dayton Convention Center as Public Health employees came to them with registration info and the shot.

Wheelchairs and volunteers were made available to recipients who needed help getting from their vehicle to the clinic. Recipients also were allowed to bring one person with them.

Michael Whitesell, 81, of Englewood, was another recipient at Public Health’s clinic Wednesday morning.

“I feel great,” he said after receiving the shot. “I’m ready to get back to normal.”

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