Taco Bell to drop Mexican Pizza, other items as part of 2020 menu revamp

Taco Bell has announced that as part of an effort to streamline its menu it is dropping a handful of current menu items, while adding a few new ones, starting on Nov. 5.

The top of the list of canceled menu items is the Mexican Pizza. In part, the fast-food restaurant said that the Mexican Pizza’s cancellation worked toward Taco Bell’s pledge to have a smaller ecological footprint, saying its packaging accounts for 7 million pounds of paperboard trash per year in the U.S.

Taco Bell also said it would replace its diced tomatoes with pico de gallo, though customers can still order dishes “Fresco Style,” which replaces nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheese, mayo-based sauce and sour cream with tomatoes.

Finally, Taco Bell said it would drop all its shredded chicken dishes.

New to the menu, though, will be a chicken chipotle melt, which will be added as a value menu item; the Dragonfruit Freeze, which will be available nationwide on Sept. 24; and green sauce, in select markets. Taco Bell will also reintroduce the Quesalupa, but only as a test in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Taco Bell said that this is the final part of its menu changes for 2020.

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