‘Walk like a penguin’: Kettering Health offers tips on walking on ice

As winter weather continues in the Miami Valley, Kettering Health Network reminded area residents to take care to avoid slipping and falling on snow and ice.

To help avoid slipping, in a news release Ryan Konkel, EMS Coordinator for Kettering Health Network, offered a number of tips to help keep balance on snowy, icy or wet surfaces.

In addition to wearing shoes with good traction, Konkel said to “Walk like a penguin.” That means taking small, shuffling steps, staying as flatfooted as possible, taking your time and pointing your toes slightly outward.

Konkel also advised to be careful getting out of the car by planting both feet firmly before standing, then steadying yourself on the doorframe. Then, if possible walk only on cleared sidewalks and paths.

Finally, he said that dressing warmly can help keep your balance, saying that warm muscles will stay relaxed, whereas tense muscles can hurt your balance.

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