Dayton Foodbank: ‘We’re always going to be here for everybody’

Foodbank feeds hundreds of households ahead of holidays

Credit: Jim Noelker

Credit: Jim Noelker

The Dayton Foodbank continues to serve hundreds of households during their November Drive Thru, outreach leader Caitlyn McIntosh said Tuesday.

Families are more concerned about having food on the table as the holiday season arrives, McIntosh said.

The Dayton Foodbank hosts is hosting November Drive-Thru from 1 to 3 p.m. every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 56 Armor Place in Dayton.

McIntosh said that while lines for food are still long, they are not quite as large as the lines she and her staff saw during March and April. She said Foodbank staff saw 600 to 700 households a day during the stay-at-home order, now they are seeing numbers to closer to 300 households a day.

McIntosh said households that are more inexperienced with the food bank have started to come through.

“We’re seeing people who have never had to seek food assistance before. We’re trying to get those people acclimated," she said. “Reducing the stigma and keeping those people fed and happy is a big priority.”

McIntosh said that families are likely worried about another lockdown, which drives more traffic to the food bank.

“In March and April it had such a profound impact on people, because what if this happens again, but we’re always going to be here for everybody,” she said. “We will never shut down, we’re the last people to do that, there’s no need for people to worry about food on the table because we’ll always be there for them.”

On Monday, officials with the city of Dayton also distributed masks at the November Drive-Thru.

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