5 rare, limited-release bourbons being raffled off by state. Here’s how and where to enter.

So you missed out on Russell’s Reserve 2002?

All is not lost.

The bourbon gods might smile in your direction after all.

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On the heels of its successful raffle of the only 50 bottles of $249.99 Russell bourbon in the state, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control has announced it will raffle off the chance  to purchase five types of limited-release bourbons on Nov. 1.

The department and it brokers will host one-night-only raffles that evening.

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The contest will begin at 6 p.m. and entries will be collected for 90 minutes, according to a Ohio Department of Commerce bulletin.

Winning names will be drawn at 7:30 p.m.

There can be only one entry per person. Winners must must be present to purchase and have a valid ID.

Below are the bourbons up for grabs and where raffles will be held.

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Description: Old Fitzgerald 9 Year releases fire on all cylinders from the start. Powerful nose led by salted caramel, barrel char and the aroma of mint. There's a hint of banana in the mix, which comes through after the whiskey has had time to open up in the glass for a while.

The sip is chewy and mouth-filling, in keeping with the bottled in bond style, starting with a rush of spice, more caramel, and a crème brulee note. All of this is spiked with hints of that furniture polish character that is typical of Old Fitz.

Old Fitzgerald 9 Year is $89.98 plus tax.

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Where to enter: 

🥃 Fine Wine & Spirits - 63 bottles available

6080 Wilmington Pike, Dayton

🥃 Joseph's Beverage Center - 57 bottles available

4129 Talmadge Road, Toledo

🥃  Kroger - 63 Bottles

199 Graceland Boulevard, Columbus

🥃 Silver Spirits Liquor Agency - 63 Bottles

1482 North Portage Path, Akron


Description: Wheated bourbons are all about sweetness and no bitterness. Caramel runs through this like a river, with eddies of vanilla, mint, toast, mocha and pancake syrup. It has a nice but not overpowering char and oak, a little cinnamon, raspberry, blackberry and raisin.  The scents include lanolin, almond oil and creamed corn. Its deep bronze color has been described to "beautifully reflect the light" with the "high-spirited, lusciously toasty, and animated bouquet that has top-notch Bourbon written all over it; a dry, complex, and toasty palate."  Weller 12 is $28.00 plus tax.

Where to enter raffle:

🥃Kroger - 72 bottles

11390 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati

🥃Walt Churchill's Market - 60 bottles

3320 Briarfield Boulevard, Maumee

🥃Giant Eagle - 84 bottles

6700 Perimeter Loop Road, Dublin

🥃North Court Beverage - 84 bottles

998 North Court Street, Medina


Description: Parker's Heritage 12 Edition has soft classic scents of vanilla, hay, and light oak blend together. On the surface it doesn't seem overly complex, but digging deeper there's raisin, light green apple, and a smidge of cinnamon and brown sugar mixed together. 

 ]The scents mingle extremely well together and present a solid start to this bourbon. The sip provides a nice creamy viscous mouthfeel. Delicious syrupy sweet vanilla, raisins, a dab of lavender infused honey, and a touch of butterscotch. Even though it’s a 100 proof bourbon, there’s almost no burn which allows you to savor this for a while. It’s gentle yet full of flavor and simply put, fantastic.

Parker's Heritage 12 Year is $89.98 plus tax.

Where to enter raffle:

🥃The Wine List - 36 bottles

7381 Tylers Corners Drive, West Chester

🥃 Walt Churchill's Market - 30 bottles

3320 Briarfield Boulevard, Maumee

🥃 Giant Eagle - 39 bottles

55 Meadow Park Avenue, Lewis Center

🥃 Simone's Beverage & Deli - 39 bottles

18414-26 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood


Description:  Rye is supposed to cut corn's sweetness for a drier whiskey, but Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel leads with sweet. The rye presents as floridly floral (think lilacs) and spicy (think basil and oregano), but always the sweetness, flowing beneath it all, like syrup made from sour fruit. 

The nose brings notes of clover, vanilla and old leather. The flavor balances fruit, honey and vanilla with a light spiciness with a long and warm finish. 

Elmer T. Lee is $35.95 plus tax.

Where to enter raffle: 

🥃 Centerville Liquor & Wine - 96 bottles

894 South Main Street, Centerville

🥃 771 The Pit Stop - 96 bottles

805 North Memorial Drive, Lancaster

🥃Ross Wine and Liquor - 96 bottles

360 W Bagley Road, Berea

🥃 Marino’s Beverage Depot - 60 Bottles

5829 C Monroe Street, Sylvania


Description: With a rich mahogany color, initially you will find a singular focus, with a pronounced rich dark cherry cobbler note. It then opens into a dynamic build of caramel and dark chocolate covered smoked almond nuttiness with hints of charred oak; a touch of herbal lemon tea, sweetened with a touch of honey rounds out its depth of character. 

Subtle sweetness blossoms into a warm and green spiced multi-dimensional experience, brightened by a lemon honey note followed by cherry cobbler. The finish is long and drying, with an herbal lemon honey sweetness. 

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is $99.99 plus tax.

Where to enter raffle: 

🥃 Arrow Wine & Spirits - 42 bottles

615 Lyons Road, Dayton

🥃 Airport Market Basket - 30 bottles

5225 Airport Highway, Toledo

🥃 Northwest Wine and Spirits - 42 bottles

821 Bethel Road, Columbus

🥃 Minotti's Rocky River Wine Shop - 48 bottles

19831 Detroit Road, Rocky River

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