Five reasons to get into the Dayton disc golf scene

We are always looking for new ways to get involved in the local community, stay active and enjoy the amazing outdoor resources at our disposal.

Playing disc golf involves all of the above, and if you haven’t given the sport a fair chance yet, there’s no time like the present sunny days ahead.

Disc golf has been around since the 1970s and so is hardly a new trend, but did you know that Dayton is a prominent hot bed for excellent courses fit for all levels and a variety of tournaments within southwestern Ohio? If you’re not already part of the scene, maybe it’s time you gave it a shot.

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1. “The Dayton scene has taken off.”

Dayton Disc Golf Association president B.J. Burke sees the Gem City as a core location for disc golfing, with players traveling from Cincinnati, Toledo, and more areas to play one or all of the local courses. The DDGA also holds a variety of tournaments year-round that draw players from around the state to play.

“It’s almost a point of pride to tell people how many courses you played, so we all travel a great deal,” he said. You might make some new friends from out of town on the course, or from down the street. That’s how Burke got involved in the scene in the first place.

“You meet someone, you ask to play a few holes with them, and you just hop right into it,” he said.

2. Two local organizations make it easy for you to get involved

It certainly helps to have two local organizations that supply everything you need to know and have to get started in Dayton’s disc golf world.

The Hazy Shade Disc Golf Store at 723 Watervliet Avenue in Belmont has been a one-stop shop for all of your disc golf needs since 2002, where you can find every kind of disc you would need (like ball golf, you have drivers, putters and midrange discs to optimize your throws), to targets and baskets, and apparel and bags. They even have a practice area and an experienced staff to help you get your technique down.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

“Don’t go to Meijer or Walmart and buy a disc; go to Hazy Shade,” Burke said. “That shop is owned by and run by disc golfers, so they’re going to be able to give you all sorts of information and be an excellent resource.”

And the Dayton Disc Golf Association provides you with the events and opportunities to meet other golfers and try out a few tournaments. It doesn't matter if you're a rookie or a veteran — the DDGA is open to anybody and everybody and is a great way to meet future disc golfing friends from far and wide. They will soon be hosting some beginner clinics, so bookmark their website and watch their Facebook page here for more information on how to get involved.

3. Though it does take time to perfect the ideal way to send your disc flying toward the basket, with practice, anybody can feel comfortable enough to play (trust us, we’re terrible, but we still succeed every once in a while.) 

“Buy a cheap putter, and go out and throw it till your arm falls off,” Burke recommends. “Meet up with some people who are playing and ask questions.”

4. And it’s so, so cheap to play.

To get started, all you need is a disc (and really, you can probably borrow one from a friend until you’re ready to invest) and a car to get to the course (this too, you can borrow from a friend, so really, there’s no excuse).

5. There's a course for every level within the Miami Valley, too. For beginners, Burke recommends the Englewood MetroPark 18-hole course or the Twin Creek in Kercher Park course in Germantown. If you're good for the challenge, get over to Handyman Ace Hardware in Fairborn or the Sycamore Trails Park course in Miamisburg.

So, what are you waiting for? Become part of the movement now.


Find the closest disc golf course to you

Nine-hole coursesWittenberg University in Springfield and Troy Community Park.

18-hole coursesBelmont ParkBuck Creek State Park in Springfield, Duke Foundation Disc Golf Course in PiquaEnglewood Metropark, Handyman Ace Hardware in Fairborn, Indian Riffle Park in Kettering, Judge Arthur O. Fisher Park, Patricia Allyn in Springboro, Scott Irke at Sycamore Trails in Miamisburg, Turtle Creek Disc Golf Park in Lebanon, Twin Creek in Kercher Park in Germantown, Westbrook Park in Clayton.

24-hole course: Arthur O. Fisher Course in Dayton.

Get more info about the courses and directions at

Are you a fair weather disc golfer? Get in on the competition at local tournaments:

More information available at the Dayton Disc Golf Association's website and Facebook page.

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