Best of Dayton 2018: Nominees for ‘Best Classic Restaurant’ are familiar foes

Let this wash over you for a moment:

The eight finalists in the Best of Dayton 2018 "Best Classic Restaurant" category have a combined 777 years of experience.

And despite your relative youth — comparatively speaking, anyway — you will help determine which of those eight finalists will be crowned THE "best classic restaurant" in the Dayton area.


Here are the finalists that you chose, based on nominations received during the November nominations period:

  • The Oakwood Club
  • The Pine Club
  • The Florentine
  • Treasure Island Supper Club
  • The Paragon Supper Club
  • Coldwater Cafe
  • Buckhorn Tavern
  • The Golden Lamb

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There are some delicious sub-plots within this category.

Will the oldest inn in Ohio (The Golden Lamb, which traces its history to 1803) eclipse the second-oldest inn in Ohio, The Florentine (1816)?

And some of the steakhouse restaurants competing in this category are familiar foes that will also slug it out in other categories such as “Best Fine Dining” and “Best Steak.” Will one of them run the table, will there be a split decision, or will they be shut out?

No matter which finalist garners the most votes in this category, you'll notice when you click through to the complete list of categories, finalists and how to vote that this year's Best of Dayton is bigger and better than ever. Nominations poured in for this year's contest, and several new categories were added, many in the "Food and Dining" section.

So get in there and vote, and remember, you can vote once a day through the close of voting, which is now Dec. 26.


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