7 decadent food truck dishes we’re ready to eat now

Food trucks become an elusive entity during the colder months of the year, only popping up here and there at events.

Thankfully, it’s food truck season event, with food truck events planned throughout the spring, summer and fall.

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Here are some of the most decadent food truck dishes that we’ve missed the most.

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1. The 1776 Grill — Bacon-stuffed grilled cheese 

As soon as you know that every 1776 sandwich starts with bookends of grilled garlic toast, you’ll know why we can’t wait to get our hands on another bacon-stuffed grilled cheese ASAP. This treat is the definition of ooey-gooey overindulgence.

Credit: Tabatha Wharton

Credit: Tabatha Wharton

2. PA’s Pork — Pulled pork nachos

We could pretty much name anything from PA’s menu as something to love. But there’s something truly special about this truck’s house-made, queso-drizzled nachos that are tiny scoops for heaps of PA’s tasty pulled pork with guac, cilantro sour cream and house-made pico.

More info: PA's Pork menu

Credit: PA's Pork Facebook

Credit: PA's Pork Facebook

3. Son of a Biscuit — French toast bites

Son of a Biscuit keeps it simple here, and we’re more than okay with that. These perfectly dippable, poppable and squishable rounds of sweet and savory goodness are completely worth the sticky fingers that follow.

More info: Son of a Biscuit's menu

Credit: Son Of a Biscuit

Credit: Son Of a Biscuit

4. Thai1On — Pad Thai

The Pad Thai at Thai1on has never disappointed us and we’re ready for the reliable flavor fest of this foodie dish to be back in our bellies. Traditional Thai noodles, eggs, carrots, cabbage and peanuts with homemade sauce — yeah, we’re excited.

More info: Thai1On menu

Credit: Thai1On Facebook

Credit: Thai1On Facebook

5. The Drunken Waffle — War Pig sandwich

Let’s just let the ingredients of this tall stack speak for itself: smoked ham, bacon, Monterrey Jack cheese and herbed mayo on a spicy three pepper waffle. There’s no room for mistakes in this waffle ’wich. Get a side of syrup for dipping.

Credit: The Drunken Waffle Facebook

Credit: The Drunken Waffle Facebook

6. Zombie Dogz — Calling in Dead

The Zombie Dogz food truck (and restaurant near the University of Dayton) is famous for its next-level gourmet hot dogs. But no dog will tempt your tastebuds more than this one topped with homemade truffle mac and cheese (voted Best of Dayton) and garlic parmesan cracker crumbs. Zombie Dogz was voted Best Food Truck and Best Food Truck dish for the Calling in Dead in the 2018 Best of Dayton contest.

More info: Zombie Dogz menu

7. Hunger Paynes — Croquettes

This food truck (and restaurant inside the Dayton Mall) can cure your hunger pains (get it!) with these tasty, deep-fried bites. You have your choice of Reuben Croquettes, Buffalo Chicken Croquettes, Korean Pork BBQ Croquettes, and Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese Croquettes. It’s hard to go wrong!

More info: Hunger Paynes menu

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