3 hits on the menu at Spent Grain Grill

Although Spent Grain Grill is physically inside Warped Wing Brewery, the eatery offers a brave new world for Dayton diners and beer lovers looking to switch up their food and drink experience.  

Spent Grain opened on Dec. 16, at 5 p.m., and being the foodies that we are, Dayton.com had to indulge!

The menu features appetizers, salads, regular and specialty pizzas and specialty tacos. We humbly said "yes" to the chance to sample anything made inside one of Dayton's most treasured staples. 

Spent Grain Co-Owner Tony Trick greeted us at the door, and as predicted his food did not disappoint.

The place:
It's the perfect complement to the craft beer location Daytonians already know and love. Literally inside Warped Wing, the grill offers a spin on traditional dishes using the spent grains from the brew company. The brand new eatery passed inspections Dec. 8 and was cleared to open in mid-December.

According to our news partner Dayton Daily News, Co-Founder Joe Waizmann said the decision to arrange an in-house food service was "based on our customer feedback."

We found that the eatery was an excellent twist to an already exceptional drinking experience.

Menu highlights:
Only a few months old, it was hard to pick what to eat based on Spent Grains' already extensive menu options. Food comes out fast and each bite is packed with flavor.

The Spent Grain Grill menu is two pages long. It offers appetizers, salads, sandwiches and specialty pizzas and tacos and all pizzas are made fresh on Ermal's spent grain thin crust and cooked to perfection.

What I ate:
It was impossible to resist the soft pretzels, poutine and BBQ specialty pizza. To start, I wanted something tangy but not too filling. For the main course, I was craving cheese and I'm always in the mood for poutine.

Soft Pretzels: $3.50
Spent Grain's soft pretzels are baked fresh daily, come out super warm and are served with Warped Wing spicy mustard or beer cheese sauce. I tried these fluffy pretzels topped with hearty pretzel salt alongside both sauces. I suggest the spicy mustard if you're looking to kick the flavors up a notch and the beer cheese sauce if you're more in the mood for tang over spice.

Poutine: $8.50
Spent Grain is barely a month old and the poutine rivals many. Instead of traditional fries, the grill opted for tots. Yum! The tots are covered with fresh cheddar cheese curds, battered with Flyin; Rye IPA and smothered with gravy. The cheese curds are a delicious surprise without disrupting an already fantastic Canadian dish.

BBQ Specialty Pizza: $9.95/$19.95
I was sold from the moment I saw Gouda. Although I've never paired this cheese with barbeque, it seems like a no-brainer at this point. This dough feels more like a tasty flatbread. It's made with slow-roasted marinated pork or chicken with BBQ sauce and topped with caramelized onions and of course, Gouda cheese. After trying, I did not regret their selection of cheese, nor the grill's use of Ermal's spent grain thin crust.

Want to go?
WHAT: Spent Grain Grill
WHERE: 26 Wyandot St., Dayton
HOURS: 5-9 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; 3-11 p.m. Friday; 1-11 p.m. Saturday; 1-7 p.m. Sunday and closed on Monday.
INFO: Website | Facebook | 937-238-7389

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