Inside the construction at Wandering Griffin, Beavercreek's first brewpub

Anyone who visited the Quaker Steak & Lube's now-closed location in Beavercreek must be wondering how the space could possibly be transformed into a brewery that pays homage to aviation and contains a 1930s-style event space, restaurant, brewery, coffee shop and an 1840s to 1850s taproom.

The answer, as I found out, is imagination and a whole lot of beautiful wood and Russian chandeliers.

Reclaimed wood is used throughout Wandering Griffin. Photo by Amelia Robinson.

Already gone is the car-themed decor associated with Pennsylvania-based Quaker Steak & Lube. The 300 seat brewpub with 120 more seats on a patio is taking shape.

Co-owners Brian Young and Tony Griffin are using $400,000 to transform the $10,000 site using art deco flare and wood from a barn built in the 1840s.

There is much work to be done before the brewpub opens in October at 3725 Presidential Drive in Beavercreek.

For starters, the Wedell-Williams racing plane model has to be painted red and equipped with a griffin, a sparkling Russian chandelier has to be hung, two stages have to be finished, alcohol bottles have to be added to a staircase section mounted behind the bar, glass has to be added to doors hanging above the eyepopping taproom bar, the patio has to be painted brown and  the coffee bar called, "Wanderlust," has to be built.

This model of a Wedell-Williams model 44 racing airplane will be painted red and placed on display. Photo by Amelia Robinson.

Shane Anderson, founder of Ghostlight Coffee in Dayton, is helping launch the coffee bar.

We haven't even touched on the beer.

Wandering Griffin plans to invest in a $300,000 beer system.

Wandering Griffin's special-events room will have a 1930s-era aviation theme. Photo by Amelia Robinson.

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