A local ice cream giant is celebrating a milestone with a treat for its fans

When the stars align in the ice cream universe, it’s a beautiful phenomenon.

Graeter’s Ice Cream will celebrate both National Ice Cream Day and its 149th birthday on Sunday, July 21. The occasion will be celebrated with $1.49 single scoop sugar cones at every Graeter’s Ice Cream shop location. The offer is only available on the 21st.

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Dayton has multiple Graeter's locations. You can see them all on the website here.

For 149 years, Graeter’s has been introducing unsuspecting twists on traditional ice cream flavors. More recently, “Honeycomb” was released and its proven to be sweet nectar to ice cream lovers.

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Honeycomb is made of a combination of molasses honeycomb candy ice cream with crunchy honeycomb pieces. The flavor was inspired by a popular candy Graeter’s Ice Cream used to make called Molasses Sponge Candy according to a release.

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