Mexican street food, ‘crazy flavors’ and nearly everything else served at new Huber Heights restaurant

“I was taught to work hard, be respectful, help and never be blind to injustice,” restaurant owner says in program.

One of the Dayton area’s newest restaurants offers flavors for your taste buds and your eyeballs.

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Bright and boldly decorated in a rainbow of colors, Pepe's Mexican Flavors has a menu packed with everything from Doriliocos (a bag of Doritos served with pickled skin pork, cucumber, jicama, pico de gallo, lemon, peanuts and Valentina brand sauce), empanadas and flan to French fries and banana splits and gorditas. 

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During our recent visit, my dining companion and I overheard a couple tell the manager they were working their way through the menu.

It is going to take a while.

Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson

We have a lot a stuff: ice cream, plantains, mixed fruit cups, tacos, burritos, quesadillas," Pepe's employee Viktor Padilla said during a recent follow-up phone call. "It's a little bit of everything."

Pepe’s is located at 6114 Chambersburg Road in a shopping center that also holds the Dayton Metro Library Huber Heights Branch.

Owned by Jazline Gomez, the restaurant opened in April.

The 21-year-old and her father, La Michoacana Mexican Market owner Jose A. Gomez, were among the recent award winners at the Dayton Hispanic Chamber's annual Fiesta Gala. 

Pepe’s is named to honor her father, according to the Fiesta Gala program.

Pepe is a nickname for José.

“I was taught to work hard, be respectful, help and never be blind to injustice,” the Chicago native, a first generation Mexican American, says as part of the program.

We ordered a mix of goodies during our visit to Pepe’s.

Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson

The ridiculously stuffed burrito was filled with a list of ingredients that included rice and beans, jalapenos, steak, lettuces and pico de gallo.

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It was enough for two, but we aren’t quitters.

The street-style steak tacos were topped by a mountain of onions and cilantro.

A healthy portion, they came with lemon wedges on the side.

I never turn down the opportunity to eat Mexican-style corn (elotes).

Pepe’s Mexican Flavors’ corn comes in a cup on the cob and covered in mayonnaise, cotija cheese, cayenne pepper and lime.

Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson

The restaurant’s expansive menu of crazy flavored food and drink includes a variety of dishes that would be new to many in this part of the world.

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Dishes generally range from the tacos, $1.50 each, to the $7.99 burrito we ordered.

Pork or chicken tamales are $1.90 each.

“Crazy flavors”  include:

Helados: ice cream in a list of flavors that includes rompope (eggnog); cookie; pinon, pineapple colada; passion fruit; pistachio, chocolate; vanilla; strawberry; tamarind; gansito, lime, mango and mango with chili and coconut.

Chicharrones preparados: Mexican fried wheat crisps served with sour cream, cabbage, pico de gallo, lemon, cheese and Valentina sauce

Pinas Locas: "Krazy" pineapples served with chili, lemon, chamoy, peanuts and tamarind candy

Raspados: slushies with a list of flavors that includes tamarind, cherry, strawberry, fruit punch and other flavors.

Pastel 3 leches: three milk cake

Aguas frescas de frutas: flavored water made from fresh fruit

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Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson


What: Pepe's Mexican Flavors

Where: 114 Chambersburg Road, Huber Heights

Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Connect: 937-233-2300 | Facebook 

Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson

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