Restaurants that closed in Dayton in January

Some restaurants, regardless of how well-loved they were, shut their doors in 2018. Here are a few that were high on our radar.

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A Yellow Springs restaurant that served customers for nearly a decade has shut its doors for good as its owner prepares for another restaurant venture.

>> Yellow Springs restaurant shuts down after nearly decade-long run

Williams Eatery at 101 Corry St. closed two days before Christmas, founder Lawren Williams told this news outlet. The restaurant lasted nearly 10 years. Williams said diminishing sales, especially during the winter months, and an expiring lease were the primary factors in his decision to close.

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The PizzaFire restaurant at 4325 Far Hills Ave. in Kettering, has closed.

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Cleveland-based PizzaFire has a fast-serve, built-to-order service line similar to Chipotle and Subway, offering diners the choice of 40 toppings, six sauces, and five cheeses on a pie that is placed into an 800-degree and cooked in three minutes.

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The Greene Town Center is evicting one of its own restaurants and is attempting to return the eatery to its former owners.

>> The Greene evicts one of its own restaurants

A lawsuit filed by The Greene’s owner seeks forcible entry into Choe’s Asian Gourmet restaurant at 4394 Juniper Way, which hasn’t served customers for several weeks and which has a sign taped to the door that says simply, “Temporarily Closed.”

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