5 of the best sandwiches from Canal Street Arcade & Deli

While the music-enthused were stoked to see new life in a place that was once home to one of Dayton's most infamous music venues, the foodies of Dayton were literally chomping at the bit for the chance to taste all their favorite 5th Street Deli sandwiches once again.

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If that isn’t music to your mouths already, Canal Street Arcade & Deli has also added personal pizzas served on naan bread to its menu.

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Posted by Dayton.com on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Without further ado, these are the most mouth-watering sandwiches from the old 5th Street Deli that we love sinking our teeth into at the new Canal Street.

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Well, duh. Of course the glorious sandwich that is The Champ is going to be at the top of this list (I mean, just LOOK at it!).

Between two buttery, perfectly toasted pieces of  white bread lies grilled roast beef, corned beef (yes TWO types of beef), baby swiss, horseradish cheddar, sauteed red onion, banana peppers and Thousand Island dressing.  It’s like if a cheesy roast beef sandwich and a Reuben had a spicy lovechild.

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We see what they did there! 😏 This sandwich is as delicious as it is clever.

The Pig Kahuna is loaded with grilled porchetta (pork loin rubbed with rosemary and black pepper), sauteed red onion and pineapple served on toasted ciabatta bread with cream cheese and sweet BBQ sauce. Oh, and no sandwich is complete without one of their perfect pickles.

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Nothing marks the start of summer quite like a Summer Jam. It starts with two slices perfectly crispy foccacia bread, next comes the oven roasted turkey and it’s all topped with roasted red pepper, red onion, tomato and asiago cheese. Finally, the pesto spread is what really sends this sandwich over the top.

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Credit: Photo by Amelia Robinson

Credit: Photo by Amelia Robinson

This sucker will knock your socks off (and possibly your sandals, if you’re not careful)! Only a sub roll could hold all the grilled roast beef, cajun turkey, red onion, banana peppers, jalapenos stuffed in this sandwich.

If that’s not enough spice for you, they top the whole thing off with pepper jack cheese. You can, however, specify your spice level: mild, wild or nuclear.

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We know, we know... this sandwich doesn’t even have meat on it -- but do not underestimate the combination of brie and honey mustard (it’s surprisingly good!). Shredded carrots, roasted red peppers, red onion and spring mix sit atop that cheesy pillow of melted brie.

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The additions of crunchy pine nuts and crispy ciabatta bread make this sandwich a textural bliss. Plus it’s named for everyone’s favorite town, just outside of Dayton, for a day trip.

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The list could go on and on -- that's just how delicious these sandwiches are. Now that Canal Street Arcade & Deli is finally open we suggest you try one, or go back for your old favorites yourself!


What: Canal Street Arcade & Deli

Where: 308 E. First St., Dayton

Price: Small (half sandwich) is $6.75, Medium (or regular) is $8.75, Large (with more meat) $9.75.

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