What $150 of donuts looks like …

Surprise!!! There’s no better feeling than trudging into the office on hump day to be greeted by, well this.

What $150 of donuts looks like

When the winner of the office bracket pool spends all his winnings on donuts for the office, it's a good Wednesday  cc: Schuler's Bakery Inc.

Posted by Dayton.com on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nine boxes of fresh, homemade donuts from Schuler's Bakery in Springfield.

The winner of our NCAA office bracket pool is a giver. And he bestowed us with the gift of $150 worth of sweet treats.

It’s no secret we love our donuts.

But we’ve never experienced Schuler’s donuts.

So why not make this into a fun little taste test? Here’s what some of our team members here at Cox Media Group Ohio thought about these bakery goodies.

“The cake donut with vanilla frosting… So good. We were all commenting how heavy it is…like we could do bicep curls with the donuts. Mind blown!” – Lauren Stephenson, WHIO

Brian Kollars with the Dayton Daily News looks great with this yummy donut. (Contributed)

“I had a glazed with strawberry filling. The filling was surprisingly, well, strawberry-like. Delicious. So I think I really had some fruit with my doughnut, which makes it a very healthy snack! – Brian Kollars, Dayton Daily News

“Fried dough with cinnamon swirls and glaze. Everything you could ask for in a donut.” – Michelle Lewis, Dayton Daily News

“I had a blueberry donut and it was delightful!” – Quincy Wallace, WHIO-TV

“I had the confetti glazed donut, and it is the most decadent melt in your mouth donut I have had since I was a little kid!” Kashmere Wilkerson, Cox Media Group Ohio

Kate Bartley and Lauren Clark with WHIO-TV enjoying some delish donuts. (Contributed)

“I had strawberry or cherry! It was great. I love Schuler’s.” – Kate Bartley, WHIO

“I had the chocolate covered cream filled donut from Schuler’s. It was FABULOUS!! While most places are making things smaller, this was what a donut should be. The top had a generous amount of chocolate covering it and the cream filled much more of the donut than some other filled donuts I have had. At times I have purchased “fresh” donuts from other places and parts of the donut are tough and getting hard, but this was a really fresh donut.” – Sheila McCune, WHIO

“I had this delicious donut that appeared to be a glazed donut with a huge piece of grape or dark jelly on top. The jelly was also inside. It was delicious. I find that jelly donuts never have enough jelly and this Schuler’s donut had enough for every bite!” – Hannah Poturalski, WHIO

And now, the sugar crash …

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