No wimpy nachos at this food truck

I have an on-going love affair with nachos. I often eat them as an entrée, sometimes for breakfast and even as a late-night snack with a glass of red wine.

We have World War II-era soldiers’ wives to thank for the invention of nachos. The ladies went on an excursion from Fort Duncan in Texas to the border town of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. Their outing created a situation which led to the birth of one of the greatest Tex-Mex dishes of all.

The ladies went shopping and we all know that shopping can make you hungry, so they went to a restaurant but alas, the kitchen was closed!

The maître d was undeterred. He went into the kitchen and as creative as any Iron Chef has ever been, looked over the available ingredients. He cut up some tortillas and fried them up, then added shredded cheese. He heated up his concoction and added pickled jalapenos. His name: Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya.

And thus, nachos entered the world.

I consider myself an aficionada of nachos, and if you’re looking for a great food truck version, try El Meson’s Food Truck version. First of all, El Meson is one of my favorite restaurants, and its food truck is a great way to enjoy the El Meson experience on the run.

Choose beef, chicken or pork for your Macho Nachos. I went with beef. Add lettuce, queso, shredded cheese, salsa and jalapenos, and you have a hearty meal.

As a sweet ending, get an order of arepas, which are sweet corn cakes with melty cheese in the center. It is just about to die for.

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WHERE: El Meson has three food tucks that travel throughout the area

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