Anonymous pizza donations leave local recipients ‘ecstatic’ during city-wide pizza party



Food can truly be a love language, especially when gifted by a caring stranger during a time when everyone could use a pick-me-up.

About 72 pizzas in total have been anonymously purchased and delivered to local Dayton businesses through The Pizza Bandit, after a first pizza was donated last week.

“We were totally surprised and delighted,” said the owners of Meadowlark restaurant in Washington Twp. after receiving their own anonymous delivery last weekend. “It was such a thoughtful gesture that everyone appreciated.”

“Someone on the internet bought you lovely humans a pizza!” was written on the pizza box delivered to Meadowlark restaurant on Saturday.

Brian Johnson, Pizza Bandit pizza partner, said the first anonymous pizza donation came through on Wednesday, Jan. 13, with a request that it be delivered to The Barrel House. Though it’s not known if the callers were related, a second anonymous caller ordered a pizza on Thursday for Omega Music.

After the first two surprise orders, The Pizza Bandit decided to run a campaign to match every donated pizza with another free pizza to go to a local business.

“All of these anonymous pizza antics got me to thinkin’ and now I wanna have a city-wide pizza party,” The Pizza Bandit’s founders wrote on Facebook on Friday. With more than 100 shares on social media, the campaign took off, and the pizza party began.

Every business that has benefitted from an unexpected delivery of a free pizza “has been ecstatic,” Johnson said.

For now, Pizza Bandit’s matching deal is finished. However, Pizza Bandit will still take orders for both local businesses and individuals if customers want to continue the anonymous donations.

“In order to be sustainable, we can’t keep matching right now, but may introduce a pop-up day or special occasion where we’ll match again in the future,” Johnson said.

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