Campfire Comedy brings laughs to the backyard

An outdoor venue during the fall season with a roaring campfire burning in the background, a large group of revelers, food and music is the perfect spot for… a comedy show? Sure. Why not?

Local comedians Jeff Allen and Mark Perkins have married comedy with the great outdoors with the recent launch of Campfire Comedy. These shows take place in an outdoor location, typically someone’s backyard, and are a mix of music, comedy and a general hang out for attendees.

“Our brand is a little different,” Allen said. “We’re not building it just off comedy. It’s about the experience… We have food and drinks for everybody. We have a fire. I’ve never seen a show with a fire so far.”

The Campfire Comedy idea came to Allen and Perkins after attending a similar show in Austin. Most of the venues are owned by family, friends and other comedians. The doors open at 6 p.m. with music. There’s a short intermission and the 1 1/2 hours of comedy begins. An afterparty typically follows the comedy.

“I think people really like it because they’re not trapped at a table,” Perkins said. “They don’t sit at a table at a comedy club for two hours. There’s no two-item minimum. This is like a more free-range experience.”

The event also has sponsors. Allen said they try to partner with local businesses or businesses owned by family and friends. The sponsors provide food and, in this case, the actual stage. D-N-M Construction came to the first show and actually built the stage, whichis used at each show.

“It’s all a big web,” Allen said. “And you never know how many connections you have until you really reach out to people.”

So far, three Campfire Comedy shows have happened in the area. Allen said they have had almost 150 people attend the shows. The first show sold out and the last two were close to selling out. He also said that people who attend the shows enjoy it and some even volunteer their backyards for future shows.

The next show will take place in Beavercreek at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 19 with headliner Vince Morris. Ticket price is $20 and includes pizza, drinks, comedy, music and the afterparty. .

Two shows have also been added for November. For the winter months, the shows may move indoors, but the comedians want the shows to grow bigger and better.

“Eventually Campfire Comedy will be like a comedy festival, a weekend-long thing — a Bonnaroo for comedy,” Perkins said.

The comedians want to give back to the community. Allen said he likes seeing the smiles on people’s faces.

“Anybody would want to do this once they saw the smiles on the faces,” he said. “I think a huge part about human life is contribution. We all want to contribute in some way, and this is our way to contribute to the artists, the businesses and to the city in general. We’re just giving back to the world and spreading the love.”


What: Campfire Comedy

When: 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19

Where: 2441 Grange Hall Rd., Beavercreek

Cost: $20

More info: Eventbrite

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