Dayton bakery believes mailing happiness can be a piece of cake

Twist Cupcakery pivots in response to pandemic, and their ‘Cupcakes in a Jar’ strike a chord with customers



“Happiness in a jar, wherever you are” is the sweet message that has resonated during a difficult year at Twist Cupcakery.

The downtown Dayton bakery, located at 25 S. St. Clair St., has made “Cupcakes in a Jar” a permanent menu item in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ordinarily a holiday or special-event offering, the mailable cakes have been a convenient way for customers to show their loved ones they care.

Twist Cupcakery owner Kate River said the jars have taken off.

“I was just so humbled and amazed that the community really has wrapped their arms around us,” River said. “So that was one portion of it that (has) really, really helped us make a way when we had to more or less shelter in place. People weren’t having birthday parties, so we weren’t making any cake.”



Customers can purchase ready-to-buy Cupcakes in a Jar in-store, but River has worked-out an efficient system to allow the jars to easily be mailed anywhere upon purchase for a small additional cost. To order online, visit

“People received it really well,” River said. “I think it’s an awesome gift to give to someone, especially (when) you don’t know what to get them. People have been ordering for birthdays, and we’ve had people order them for sympathy gifts.”

Though recommended to be eaten within two days of delivery, the jars can be refrigerated up to seven days and can also be frozen for months, tasting just as delicious after thawing, according to River.

The cakes are available in Twist-favorite flavors including birthday cake, sweet potato caramel, Snickers, German Chocolate, peanut butter Oreo, red velvet, white chocolate peanut butter and strawberry Oreo Crunch. All jars cost $9.

River cuts no corners on presentation, even though the product is transportable.

“The taste has to be there, but the presentation is just as important as taste,” River said. “I am very very big on that, whether it be our cakes, our cupcakes or Cupcakes in a Jar — I want them to all look beautiful.”

Like most businesses during the pandemic, especially those that are locally owned, staying open has been a constant struggle.

“We had our curbside cupcake orders and stuff like that before we open fully back up, and people have just been awesome,” River said. “I can’t say thank you enough … When you go from having a hundred or so weddings a year, to two, that was a killer. So (the bakery) definitely has not been as profitable as we would like it to be, but right now, being able to say that we’re open for business is enough.”

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