Achilles Tenderloin: Indiana folk/blues musician Joe Augustin starts album campaign in Dayton



Indiana-based Joe Augustin has released a string of austere folk/blues albums as Achilles Tenderloin. He took a more expansive approach with his tremendous new album, “Tincture For Trouble,” receiving its official release at Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton on Saturday, March 18.

Augustin lives in the Hoosier State but has close ties to Dayton. He not only lived in the Miami Valley for a period while attending Sinclair Community College, but also recorded his last two albums in Dayton.

The previous Achilles Tenderloin release, “Stronger Than Wine,” was recorded by Chris Yakopcic at Street Sounds Recording Studio. The stripped down collection had originals and covers of songs by Leadbelly, Tommy Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson and Todd Lewis of the rock band the Toadies. In addition to Augustin on vocals and acoustic guitar, the songs feature fiddle, trumpet and percussion from Aaron Nell.

The highly anticipated “Tincture For Trouble” was recorded at Reel Love Recording Company with Patrick Himes, who engineered and produced the sessions. Himes also performs on the album along with local musicians like Moriah Lawson, Khrys Blank and Brian Hoeflich. Other guests include Nell, Kate Wakefield, Dave Hadley and Joe Macheret.

Augustin recently reflected on “Tincture For Trouble.”



Q: How did you come to work with Patrick?

A: I met him through Achilles Tenderloin and the Cherry Lee & the Hot Rod Hounds. We did shows together in clubs in Dayton, and we’d get to talking. He kept making all these great albums for other people I knew. The one that made me really stop in my tracks was Paige Beller’s “Space Cadet.” It’s so good. There was Kevin Milner’s “The Endless Traveler” and the Sadbox record and so many others since then. It took a while for Patrick to squeeze me in and then the album stopped and started many times, but it went great. Patrick was a great coach and sounding board. He helped translate my ideas to the session musicians coming in. He just has so much musical experience and knowledge in the studio, and he’s got a great ear.

Q: Did the material turn out like you planned?

A: Oh, yeah, and then some. We spent a lot of time on it, but I had a lot of help from all the musicians who came in. Most of the songs have at least four people on them, including myself. Brian Hoeflich plays drums on all the songs, and he also does some upright bass. He plays both on ‘Don’t Be Long’ and ‘Falls Thistlewaite.’ Patrick did quite a bit of electric bass on the album and some pump organ. Kate Wakefield is on a bunch of songs.

Q: What was the hardest part of the album?

A: It was a much smoother process than I expected but I guess, just managing the scheduling of it. I was working with a lot of different schedules, often with people who don’t live very nearby. Then I had to get that timing to match up with getting the funds and making sure the money is there, so I didn’t have a bunch of IOUs at the end of the recording process. The time and money were hard but everything else was pretty fun and organic. Patrick is really good at helping keep things on the rails.

Check out “Kiss the Ground” from “Tincture For Trouble” by Achilles Tenderloin:

Q: Have you been writing since wrapping the album?

A: I’ve been hoarding bits and pieces. I didn’t want to get too distracted until the album is released but working on the album did awaken some creative juices. Some of that found its way into last minute rewrites and additions with these songs. There is a lost tune that didn’t find its way onto the record but it’s for later. I’m trying to keep that creative flow now that the album is finished but without running off to do another new project.

Q: What’s the plan for the Yellow Cab show?

A: That’s going to be my 40th birthday and the first release show for the album. Patrick is out with Black Jacket Symphony, but he’ll be back just long enough to do Yellow Cab. Hoeflich and Kate are going to play at the show. I’m crossing my fingers Anna p.s. is going to be able to come in with the flute. Mo Lawson, Mister Moriah, is doing it and Joe Macheret from the Tillers and Joe’s Truckstop. Rob Funkhouser, who does some alternate percussion on the album, is coming in from Indianapolis. It’s going to be a big party. For this show I’m trying to recreate the songs as much like the album as I can. People will be cycling in and out like on the album. A lot of these people are going to do short opening sets before I play, so it’s going to be a big night.



Q: What’s the plan for the other regional release shows?

A: The following week, I’m doing Firehouse BBQ and Blues in Richmond. Brian will be on drums for that one. It’s been really nice working with him. The other ones are at Southgate House Revival in Newport on March 30 and the Whistle Stop in Indianapolis on April 27. I’m going to do something to make each one special in its own way. I’m starting to work with some other musicians for doing shows in other cities. Achilles Tenderloin isn’t a band so I can’t count on everybody who plays on the album to be able to go everywhere with me. But the experience of working with so many other musicians in the studio on this (album) really has me loving the idea of doing more shows where I’m not just solo, where I’m trying out some different combinations on the road.

Q: Anything else new?

A: I did connect with Tinderbox Music out of Minnesota. They’re not doing the booking but they’re helping me with a lot of the other stuff like a radio campaign and some press. Those are a few things I haven’t had to worry about with this release, which has been nice.

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Who: Achilles Tenderloin

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When: 8 p.m. Saturday, March 18; cover charge starts at 7 p.m.

Cost: $9 in advance, $12 at the door

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