String Cheese Incident, performing Wednesday at Rose, still shaking up musical formula



Thirty years into its jam band odyssey, the String Cheese Incident continues finding ways to shake up its musical formula. The group from Colorado, performing at Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Wednesday, Sept. 20, took a singer-songwriter approach to its eighth studio album, “Lend Me A Hand,” which was released on Sept. 8.

The String Cheese Incident formed in mid-1993 and played its first show that New Year’s Eve. In 1997, the group released both its debut studio album, “Born on the Wrong Planet,” and a live album. Aside from Jason Hann (percussion), who joined String Cheese Incident in 2006, the lineup has always been founding members Bill Nershi (guitar, lap steel), Michael Kang (mandolin, guitar, violin), Kyle Hollingsworth (keyboards, accordion), Keith Moseley (bass) and Michael Travis (drums, percussion).

Moseley recently answered some questions by telephone about the new album and the group’s big 30th anniversary.

Q: You guys have always tried different approaches on different records. With this album the focus is more on songwriting than jamming. Was that the plan going into the studio?

A: When we enlisted Brad Cook to produce the album, that was one of his goals. He said, ‘Everybody knows you guys can jam and play your instruments and play great solos. I want to focus on what it’s like to sit in the living room with you guys and just hear you play some great songs in an intimate performance atmosphere.’ That’s kind of what he went for with the record and he really hit it on the mark. It’s a great listening experience and it’s another layer of the band that hasn’t been featured as much. It was a lot of fun making that record with Brad. We’re really excited about it.



Q: How did you come to work with Brad?

A: He was recommended by Kevin Morris from our record label. We checked out some of his prior work, Nathaniel Rateliff, Hiss Golden Messenger and (others), and we liked the results. We kind of took a chance on him as he was also taking a chance on us. He was a fan of the band, so we decided to try to go in a new direction. We gave Brad lots of creative leeway and we’re really pleased with what he was able to coax out of the band in the studio. We’ve put it a lot of hard work and are continuing to grow, develop and evolve. It continues to push forward. I think the new album is some of the best tunes we’ve written, and the band is playing as well as we’ve ever played. We continue to try to push the envelope, improve and diversify. We want to keep it interesting and that’s really paying off for us.

Watch the official video for “One More Time” from the String Cheese Incident’s latest album, “Lend Me A Hand”:

Q: You have your own studio so do you bring Brad, Jerry Harrison and other producers into your spot?

A: Yes, we’ve done the last few albums at our studio here in Colorado. We bought a building about 10 years ago and renovated it and it’s proven to be a great space for us. We rehearse there as well. We come off the road, the semi pulls in and we’re able to store all our gear there when we’re not touring. It’s available all the time when we’re not involved. We do String Cheese rehearsals there but even when we’re not, it’s about a 20-minute commute from my house so I run down there all the time. My gear is all set up so it’s a great place to show up, plug in and instantly practice or get creative.

Q: Your last album came out in 2017. How did that long break play into the creation of these songs?

A: Every time we get back to the studio it’s really fun. It’s a whole different creative style of creativity for the band. We play lots of live shows and we know what it takes to bring out a great live performance, but the studio is always a new adventure. We always end up enjoying it and we learn a lot about ourselves and about making music together. This time was no exception. It was really easy working with Brad. It felt so natural working with him. He made the process fast and easy. We really didn’t have to labor over anything to make the songs sound good. They just came out and came together quickly. It felt great and that’s reflected when you listen back. It’s really pretty easy on the ears.



Q: What does it feel like 30 years on to look back at what you have built?

A: Well, it’s kind of surreal to be looking at the number 30 and it’s still the original lineup. It’s all the same guys we started with plus Jason, added back in 2006. We’ve definitely beaten the odds there. Most bands never make it this long, so we really feel fortunate we’ve had some longevity and the fan base to go along. It’s amazing and we really thank this amazing community we’ve been able to build around the band. We play these shows and the people gather. We’re the soundtrack to this amazing community of people that gets together to celebrate, support each other and share great ideas. It’s a very accepting, inclusive and supportive community. It’s amazing to be a part of that and I’m thankful for it.

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Who: The String Cheese Incident

Where: Rose Music Center, 6800 Executive Blvd., Huber Heights

When: Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Cost: $43.50-$73.50

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