Kings Island: 6 rollercoasters gave a million (or more) rides last year

The list includes old favorites and new classics

The newest roller coaster at Kings Island in Warren County was also it’s most popular: Orion, the 300-foot-tall “Giga coaster” (meaning any coaster between 300-400 feet) had more than 1.5 million riders in 2023, the park announced Monday.

The steel ride, created by Swiss coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, opened in 2020 and has become a huge hit with fans and guests.

Also on Kings Island’s list of roller coasters that gave a million rides or more in 2023 are the Racer and the Beast — the oldest coasters at KI. Built in 1971 and 1979 respectively, the two coasters are synonymous with the park and each play an important part in Kings Island’s legacy. Even in the 45 years since it’s opening, the Beast is still the longest wooden roller coaster in the world.

Another wooden coaster on the list of those that gave a million rides in 2023 was Mystic Timbers, which opened in 2017. This coaster, while much newer than the Beast and Racer, has paved it’s own path and has become quite popular within it’s own right.

The final two coasters on the list were also created by previously mentioned B&M. Diamondback, which opened in 2009, takes guests more than 200 feet in the air and flies them across the park’s Rivertown section. Banshee, which opened in 2014, was placed in a similar location to Kings Island’s defunct Son of Beast attraction. Unlike most coasters, Banshee actually has riders hanging under the track, giving it the title of “inverted coaster.”

While not making it to that 1 million riders mark, Boo Blasters on Boo Hill was very close to that number, with the indoor dark-ride giving 900,000 rides this year. Kings Island will open for the 2024 season in April.

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