Three Dayton eateries collaborate on new, one-of-a-kind pizza toppings

The Pizza Bandit pizza food truck, located at Yellow Cab Tavern at 700 E. Fourth St. in Dayton, is adding two new permanent pizza topping options to its menu in collaboration with two other Dayton-based restaurants.

Pizza Bandit customers can now order Chicken Head’s Mac Sauce and Ghostlight’s Harrisa Cream Cheese as toppings on any Pizza Bandit pie or slice.

The collaboration with both Ghostlight and Chicken Head’s has been months in the making, and the toppings have been tried and tested at a number of Pizza Bandit special events.

The flavors of both new topping options were described by Brian Johnson, Pizza Bandit partner, as “big.” A cream cheese “flavor bomb” and cheesy mac sauce are not subtle flavors, but if customers like the sound of it, Johnson said he can guarantee they will like it.

The collaborations “are really just like another way to keep supporting each other during this time,” Johnson said. “It’s not going to make or break them, but it does add to the bottom line, and right now, it’s all about adding that two or three percent here or there where you can.”

Pizza Bandit purchases the topping directly from the restaurant and coffee shop — a partnership that will continue after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, according to Johnson.

The pandemic has put a heavy strain on most restaurants as they were forced to completely change their service models — often, more than a few times. Johnson said collaboration is the way forward.

“It keeps customers excited, it keeps money going into the cash flow, and hopefully we all get through COVID together, and then all of us are still collaborating when it’s over,” Johnson said.

Pizza Bandit has seen a boost in delivery orders thanks to the launch of 937 Delivers, a delivery service run by owners of independent Dayton-area restaurants.

“Our customers are so great and support us, so, it’s a hard time, but it’s not a bad time,” Johnson said.

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