Tri-State Wrestling’s first show in Hamilton to feature WWE hall-of-famer appearance

Hamilton will see a new wrestling promotion next month making its Ohio debut at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts.

Tri-State Wrestling, will have its first of a few shows March 11 and it will be highlighted by an appearance of WWE Hall of Famer The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. He is a retired professional wrestler best known as a heal (the bad guy) with the then-World Wrestling Federation (later renamed World Wrestling Entertainment).

The debut Hamilton show is appropriately called “Everybody’s Got a Price,” a catchphrase of DiBiase’s millionaire character.

“We always kind of wanted to run these shows, and we were like, ‘Let’s just do one, at least,’” Rollins said. “If nothing else, we can always say we did one.”

Jarrod Rollins and Logan Cummins started the TSW promotion with a pilot show a year ago this month.

“For all these years, we loved going to (live wrestling) shows and watching it on TV, but thought how cool would it be to actually be the guys who were planning out the matches, determining what wrestlers we were going to have face each other, and coming up with the storylines,” Rollins said about the why they wanted to run a promotion.

“It was just a dream thing we felt was never going to happen until we just finally decided, ‘Let’s give it a shot at least.’ As long as you don’t send yourself into bankruptcy, it’s worth trying out your dream, right?”

Rollins and Cummins, best friends since their high school days at South Dearborn in Indiana, had said to each other if the February 2022 show went well, they would consider producing more wrestling events. They held events in August and October in Versailles, Indiana.

Though they’ll produce more shows in 2023, wrestling fans don’t just have to watch the promotion at live events.

“Part of what we want to do with expanding this promotion is to be able to put up more video content beyond just having live shows,” said Rollins.

The two College of Mount St. Joseph graduates said the Fitton Center’s theater was a perfect place to have live shows in a camera-friendly environment.

Fitton Center Executive Director Ian-MacKenzie Thurley said Rollins and Cummins approached the staff at the Fitton Center interested in renting the theater for the wrestling events.

“We pride ourselves on having open community access for events at the Fitton Center,” he said, which features a ballroom as well as the community theater. “We were approached to see if they were able to have a wrestling event. We’re excited to see something new and different and to have community partners using the Fitton Center.”

TSW isn’t the only wrestling promotion performing in Hamilton. Future Great Wrestling, which promotes events on North Brookwood Avenue, started holding events in February 2019. They’ll have their Origins V event this Friday.

TSW’s 7 p.m. March 11 show will feature six or seven matches, as well as three more shows planned for Hamilton, as they want to make the city “a little bit like a home for us,” Rollins said.

Rollins said they wanted to have a “big splash” with the first event being in a new area, which is why they’re bringing DiBiase to the event.

“We hope that will be a really good introduction with the fans there in Hamilton,” he said.

In addition to DiBiase, they plan to have Tri-State Wrestling Heavyweight Champion VsK in his first appearance since winning the title at Gold Rush in October. Others scheduled to make an appearance include Jake Crist, Sam Beale, Kal Herro, Justin Xavier, Casey King, and Carson Drake.

Tickets start at $15 and patrons can purchase a meet and greet and photo opportunity experience with the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. Buy them online at

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