Why the new Hurts Donut in Cincinnati is worth the drive

Hurts Donut has been all the rage since it opened at 12110 Mason Montgomery Road in Cincinnati two weeks ago.

In a Facebook post, the donut shop said it sold 7,000 donuts in the first four hours they were open. Now they’re averaging 20,000 donuts a day and one to two transactions a minute.

Clearly, the “new” has not worn off.

You might be wondering, what makes Hurts Donut so special? It sells more than 70 varieties of donuts on rotation and everything is made fresh and decorated by hand. They brand themselves as being open 25 hours a day, eight days a week and I’m still not sure how they do it!

I personally love the vibe of the donut shop. The bright colors and “swings” makes it the perfect Instagrammable spot.

I went on Saturday around 4 p.m. and it took us about 20 minutes to get through the line, but the donuts were worth it!

They had everything from chocolate or white cake donuts with sprinkles, Oreos, M&Ms or cereal on top to Nutella-filled yeast donuts and Long John’s.

My favorite donuts were:

  • THE Brownie (Similar to a cosmic brownie, it’s a chocolate cake donut covered in chocolate icing with rainbow candy chips)
  • Slim Shady (A chocolate cake donut with vanilla icing and M&M’S)
  • Little Timmy (A white cake donuts with vanilla icing, rainbow sprinkles and a iced animal cookie on top)

The donut shop also offers large cinnamon rolls, mega cookies, milkshakes, coffee and other drinks.

Hurts Donut is definitely worth the drive to Cincinnati.

The donut shop opened its first store in Springfield, Missouri in 2013 and has since grown to 20 shops across the U.S. with three more on the way, according to it’s website. The closest Hurts Donut to Cincinnati is in Iowa, Missouri or Arkansas.

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