Mischievous ghost makes herself known at Dayton restaurant

The sight of a ghostly girl in the attic window of the Amber Rose restaurant, 1400 Valley St. in Dayton, has caused fright for years.

Locally based author Chris Woodyard features the story in her book Haunted Ohio III.

Built in 1910 by Sigmund Ksiezopolski, the building held a general store and deli named Sig’s up until the 1980s.

Elinor Sluzas bought the building in 1989 and opened her restaurant in 1990.

Sluzas reportedly told Woodyard that several of her employees were freaked out after seeing a girl with long black hair in the attic window.

Music has mysteriously turned on in the restaurant, plates have crashed to the floor and people have reported hearing strange laughter and “sweet singing,” Woodyard wrote in her book.

Sluzas told Woodyard she learned the identity of the spirit when she bumped into Rose Losko, one of Sig Ksiezopolski’s daughters.

According to the book, Sluzas said the ghost was Losko’s sister Genevieve “Chickee” Ksiezopolski, who died in 1983.

Chickee reportedly loved her father’s old store as a child and spent most of her time in the attic.

Joe Castellano, the current owner of Amber Rose, said he’s heard footsteps and knockings and customers have reported seeing people in the bathroom mirror but when they turned around and no one was there.

Objects have been known to fall off shelves and move around the restaurant.

One Sunday when the restaurant was closed, the alarm went off. When Castellano arrived with police to check it out, he found a brew basket from the iced tea maker in the middle of the floor.

“Maybe Chickee was lonely that Sunday and wanted some company,” he said.