Stivers choirs to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2023



The Chamber Choir and Chorale of Stivers School for the Arts will perform at New York’s iconic Carnegie Hall on Monday, March 20.

Under the leadership of Paula Powell, the choirs have been selected to participate in a spring residency under the auspices of a Manhattan Concert Productions presentation entitled “Reflections of Us: Singing Our Way to Unity.” Derrick Fox, director of choral activities and distinguished associate professor of music at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, spearheads and guest conducts the event.

“This is a big deal,” said Powell, serving in her 13th year as director of choirs at Stivers School for the Arts. “I’m looking forward to the experience of the students performing in a different city and having them work with choral conductor Derrick Fox, who is bringing his choir. There will also be several other outstanding high school choirs that will be involved in this festival.”

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Concert selections will include Rosephanye Powell’s “Still I Rise,” Andrea Ramsey’s “Imaginary Creatures” and the aforementioned Fox’s “Journey On.”

Powell and her 26 students will be in New York March 17-21. In order to raise extra funds for the trip, the Stivers Chorale, an all-female troupe consisting of sopranos and altos, will perform Sunday, Jan. 29 at 4 p.m. at First Baptist Church, 111. W. Monument Ave., Dayton. A free will offering will take place during the concert. Additional fundraisers are also expected in January.

“Each student has been asked to raise $800 but it can be very daunting (from an) individual (standpoint),” Powell said. “But we have received a corporate grant and have also received money from previous concerts and performances. These students are the heart of our Dayton community. Their lives have been changed by being involved in ensembles and in music, which is so exciting.”

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