Art in the City contest celebrates Dayton artists

Update: This year’s contest has ended. Thank you to all who participated this year!

Highlighting local artists in and around downtown Dayton is the drive behind AES Ohio Summer in the City signature event, Art in the City. The Dayton Society of Artists (DSA) has selected work from 32 of the area’s most talented artists to feature in the 2022 Juried Art Show.

Established in 1938, the DSA is one of Dayton’s oldest art organizations located in the historical neighborhood of St. Anne’s Hill. The mission of the DSA is to connect, support, and educate artists and the community.

Visit these works at various downtown businesses and vote below for your favorite piece. The artist whose work receives the most votes will earn a $250 prize. Voting is open until noon on Saturday, Aug. 20.

Art in the City is a program of the Downtown Dayton Partnership and is sponsored by AES Ohio,, the Eichelberger Foundation, Montgomery County, and the Ohio Arts Council.

View the participants

1. Louise Speck

Work title: Sugar Creek Sycamore

Located at: Fairfield Inn & Suites, 305 E. Monument Ave.

2. Jason Shea

Work title: California Street

Located at: Lock 27 Brewing, 329 E. First St.

3. Ryan Taylor

Work Title: All Paths Lead to You

Located at: Winans Chocolate + Coffee + Wine, 221 N. Patterson Blvd.

4. Emily Von Stuckrad-Smolinski

Work title: Pride

Located at: Edward A. Dixon Gallery, 222 N. St. Clair St.

5. Lauren Wells

Work title: Marfa

Located at: Wellness Studio Dayton, 114 N. St. Clair St.

6. Eric Wright

Work title: Mountain Bluebird Landing

Located at: Wellness Studio Dayton, 114 N. St. Clair St.



7. Rylee Richards

Work title: Button Palooza

Located at: A+ Cleaners, 105 E. Second St.

8. Ashley Simons

Work title: Kaleidoscope

Located at: Starbucks inside the Schuster Center, 1 W. Second St.

9. Nick Dailey

Work title: Branching Out to the Stars

Located at: Picture Perfect Paint Parties

10. Kim Ceccarelli

Work title: Discovery

Located at: Zen Lounge, 121 N. Ludlow St.

11. Ruth S. – We Care Arts

Work title: Butterflies

Located at: International Peace Museum, 10 N. Ludlow St.

12. Libby Slauenwhite

Work title: Damaging Caterpillars

Located at: International Peace Museum, 10 N. Ludlow St.

13. Alison Bour

Work title: Flamingo in Repose

Located at: Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, 8 N. Main St.

14. Anthony Murrill

Work title: Goliath

Located at: Dayton Arcade Ludlow Building, 28 S. Ludlow St.

15. Nancy Schuler

Work title: Time for a Picnic

Located at: Arts Lofts at the Arcade, 42 S. Ludlow St.

16. Sean Hahn

Work title: Pink Grass

Located at: The Contemporary, 25 W. Fourth St.

17. Grace Wilhelm

Work title: Interrupted

Located at: Dayton Arcade Kuhns Building, 45 S. Main St.

18. Valerie French

Work title: Wildflowers at Sawyer Preserve

Located at: The Hub, 31 S. Main St.

19. Tracy Foskuhl

Work title: New Kingston Valley

Located at: Grace Lane Boutique, 133 E. Fourth St.

20. Bonnie Kuntz

Work title: What Spot Would You Change

Located at: Space Three, 39 S. St. Clair St.

21. Ginny Baughman

Work title: Forest Moon

Located at: Space Three, 39 S. St. Clair St.

22. Lindsey Brinegar

Work title: Space Dog

Located at: Sole Touchers, 37 S. St. Clair St.

23. Quan Thai

Work title: Number 219

Located at: Sole Touchers, 37 S. St. Clair St.

24. Joy Johnson

Work title: Strength in Diversity

Located at: Choice Juice Boxx/Varsity House, 31 S. St. Clair St.

25. Renee Hopson

Work title: Finding Balance: Enabling

Located at: Vidia’s Closet, 27 S. St. Clair St.

26. Samantha Wott

Work title: Unicorn’s Light

Located at: Dayton Metro Library Main Branch, 215 E. Third St.

27. Tina Anton

Work title: Forgotten Bones

Located at: Smokin’ BBQ, 200 E. Fifth St.

28. Mitchell Eismont

Work title: Walkman

Located at: Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St.

29. Michael Surber

Work title: Rooster

Located at: Mike’s Vintage Toys, 508 E. Fifth St.

30. Bryanna Mendez

Work title: Entre Vida Y Muerte

Located at: Clash Dayton, 521 E. Fifth St.

31. Bisi Morton

Work title: Belly of a Fish

Located at: Corner Kitchen, 613 E. Fifth St.

32. Megan Smallwood

Work title: The Path of the Beam

Located at: Troll Pub Dayton, 216 Wayne Ave.