7 foods that scream DAYTON

Amelia Robinson, Staff Writer

Philadelphia has its cheesesteak. Chicago goes for deep-dish pizza. And in Cincinnati, the people claim goetta and a sometimes maligned spaghetti-like chili.

Every town has its signature tastes.

Tastes that scream Dayton may not be as well-known as those mentioned above, but we can’t get enough of them here.

Hometown tastes run the gamut from a pretzel from Smales Pretzel Bakery, to cabbage rolls from Charlie’s Deli to brew and other potions from the region’s growing list of breweries and distilleries — Warped Wing, Toxic Brewery, Belle of Dayton etc.

Luckily many of Dayton’s favorites can be wrapped, stuck in stockings, sent by air or assembled in baskets.

Below are a few of our favorites and how to give them.


  • 1. Esther Price Chocolates

    6 foods that scream DAYTON , item 1


    Where to buy: Seven Esther Price stores in the Miami Valley and Cincinnati areas. Click here to find a location. Select candy also can be found at Kroger locations.

    Why it says Dayton: The company Esther Price built has been satisfying every local sweet tooth for 85 years. Esther Price has an assortment of chocolate products ranging from chocolate-covered Mike-Sells potato chips (another Dayton signature food item) to traditional caramel turtles and chocolate-covered cherries.

    Nationwide Shipping? Yes. Click here.

    (Staff photo by Lisa Powell)


  • 2.Dayton square-cut pizza

    6 foods that scream DAYTON , item 2


    Where to buy: We can debate for hours who makes the best square-cut pizza — Cassano’s, Marion’s Piazza, Oregon Express, El Greco’s Pizza Villa

    Why it says Dayton: Each pizza square is packed with cheesy goodness. Square-cut pizza slices are easy to handle and divide among friends and family members. They first took the region by storm 60 years ago.

    Nationwide shipping: Some. Cassano’s and Marion’s both ship products nationwide.

    (Staff photo by Lisa Powell)


  • 3.Mike-Sells Potato Chips

    6 foods that scream DAYTON , item 3


    Where to buy: Sold at numerous retailers and online.

    Why it says Dayton: The family-owned company based at 333 Leo St. in Dayton has been cooking Dayton’s favorite crunch since 1910. It also sells pretzels and a variety of dips, puffcorns and popcorns. Products are distributed in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.

    Nationwide Shipping? Yes at www.mike-sells.com. Click here.

    (Staff Photo by Jim Witmer)


  • 4.Dayton Nut Specialties (Dayton Nut, Friesingers, Candy Farm and Riverdale Fine Foods)

    6 foods that scream DAYTON , item 4


    Where to Buy: 919 N. Main St. in Dayton and 45 N. Pioneer Blvd. in Springboro. Click here.

    Why it says Dayton: Quality nuts and delicious chocolate treats made right here at home.

    Nationwide shipping? Yes. Click here for more information.

    (Picture Contributed)


  • 5.Buckeye Vodka

    6 foods that scream DAYTON , item 5


    Where to Buy: Numerous spirit stores and bars and restaurants in Ohio. It is also available in parts of Kentucky. Click here.

    Why it says Dayton: Buckeye Vodka established itself as a local pride when it first came on the scene in 2011. The Dayton-bottled and distilled vodka is smooth and economical.

    Nationwide Shipping? No

    (Archive photo)


  • 6. Pine Club Stewed Tomatoes

    6 foods that scream DAYTON , item 6


    Where to buy: Take-home jars are sold at the iconic restaurant located at 1926 Brown St. for about $5.50 each. They and other products can be purchased on the steakhouse’s website. Stewed tomatoes, garlic house dressing and other Pine Club products can also be found at several area stores.

    Why it says Dayton: Stewed tomatoes are one of Dayton’s favorite side dishes. They are especially cherished at one of the community’s favorite restaurants.

    Nationwide shipping? Yes. Click here.


  • 7.Other Dayton products for your shopping list

    6 foods that scream DAYTON , item 7


    Other Dayton products for your shopping list: Elsa’s Bad Juan Margarita, Mamma DiSalvo’s Authentic Italian Sauce and Boston Stoker Coffee. (Photo sources: Boston Stocker's Facebook page, Ty Greenlees and submitted)